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Your Office Doesn’t Need These Things Anymore

Your Office Doesn’t Need These Things Anymore

by | Dec 29, 2018 | Decluttering, E-Waste, Eco-Friendly, Garbage Removal, Helpful Tips, Junk Removal, Recycling

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People tend to associate clutter with a disorganized home – but clutter isn’t exclusive to a house. Ask yourself, how many unused items are taking up space in your office? Offices are just as notorious as homes for being full of things that just aren’t serving any purpose – other than collecting dust.

Chances are, there is a designated room (or corner) in your office where all unneeded items are banished to sit and waste space. We’d bet that this room can be put to better use than being a makeshift storage room to keep items that you won’t use ever again. Storage is meant for things that you may need in the future, or things you need that you don’t necessarily have room for in your office. The fact is there is little use for broken monitors or those cords that don’t seem to match any appliance in your office.

If this sounds like you, and you just don’t know what to do with all that old stuff you don’t need anymore, we can help you! Junk Ninja is a full-service junk removal company that offers professional commercial junk removal services. We provide our services to both homes and commercial spaces across Ontario. Although we are based out of Ottawa, we also service cities like Cambridge, Guelph, Kingston, Kitchener and Ottawa.

Enlist the help of Junk Ninja’s expert junk removal services today if you’re looking to do a purge of your office.

It’s time to stop holding on to the things in your office that you don’t use, that sit in storage wasting space that can better be used for other things. These are the main things you just don’t need in your office anymore:

Coffee Machines You’re Not Even Using

Did your office get a fancy new coffee machine? That’s great – now why do you still need that old one? If you let us take it off of your hands, we can either recycle it or donate it if it’s still operating properly.

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Computer Monitors and Hard Drives

The time has come to get rid of those extra computer monitors and outdated hard drives. We are proud to offer professional e-waste removal services that ensure your electronics will be recycled properly. What you might not know is that if not recycled properly, these items can cause damage to the environment — which nobody wants. You may know that electronic e-waste isn’t accepted by local garbage pickup; for this reason, it’s a growing concern as many are not familiar with the proper way to get rid of their e-waste.

That’s where we come in; you can trust us with all of your old electronic devices. We are actually part of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program, a not-for-profit organization that holds all affiliated businesses accountable for upholding responsible electronic recycling practices.

Pictures That Aren’t Hanging and Will Never Get Hung

We are all guilty of having pictures or items we want to hang in our office that we never quite get around too – or storing those pictures we took down to make room for new ones. Do you really need all those old pictures collecting dust? It’s time to decide if you want to frame them, hang them, or if you want to get them removed.

Appliances That Have Been Replaced

Chances are that when you replaced your mini fridge with a brand new big one, you kept it somewhere in storage – and now have no use for it. If it’s not serving any purpose, it’s a good idea to get rid of it. It’s important to note that you need to be careful with the recycling of appliances like refrigerators because if not recycled properly these appliances can release hazardous toxins. To be safe let us take your appliances off your hands so that we can ensure they are disposed of appropriately, as cities like Ottawa have strict guidelines.

Old Business Cards

Almost every business owner is guilty of having boxes of old business cards sitting somewhere in their office – and that box is likely beside another box of business cards that they’ve accumulated over the years from other businesses. Do yourself a favour by letting us take those boxes away. If the business card isn’t in your wallet or at your desk, we don’t think you plan on using them.

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Printer and Printer Cartridges

Printers and printer cartridges are significant culprits of e-waste when not gotten rid of correctly. If you have any questions about our electronic waste recycling practices, you can review the FAQs about our junk removal services. If you have been accumulating used ink cartridges, it’s time to let us come in and get rid of those efficiently, and in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Unused Phones and Cable

The only phones that should be at your office should be the ones used by the reception, or the ones on workers’ desks. If it’s not being used or is out of date (it probably is), it’s time to let it go. Remember what we said about appliances and electronic items? That old-school office phone that gets used by no one and sits tangled in its cables isn’t doing anyone any good.

On that note, you should also be getting rid of all unnecessary cables. They just get intertwined with one another, and if you’ve never gone looking for them it means they don’t belong to anything you use on a daily basis.

Outdated Desks

You’d be surprised at the number of offices that hold on to desks that they no longer use. Let us take that old desk off your hands – you can feel good knowing that when we take your desk or any piece of furniture, we donate it to local charities. Your items aren’t going to a landfill; we are firm believers in re-using, re-purposing and donating to make the most of the stuff that we remove.

Unused or Damaged Chairs

Office chairs get tossed aside in favour of new ones when they rip or break down. Let us ask you, what good is that broken chair doing in your office? We can re-use or re-purpose your items, so trust us to remove those chairs from your office so that we can best access how to make use of them. We can assure you that we will find a better use for them than sitting in a back corner or storage closet in your office somewhere.

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Boxes of Unneeded Paperwork

Of course, there is paperwork you always need to have, but there are also a lot of files that you can shred and get rid of. If there are boxes of paperwork sitting around for the sole reason that you don’t know what to do with them, you should be calling us to remove it all.

Broken Dishes

Is there a reason why you still have a bottom shelf full of broken dishes? No one wants to drink or eat from a chipped mug or plate. If you’ve already done the job of replacing the damaged dishes, first pat yourself on the back, and then call us so you can get rid of them. We can either donate the dishes if the damage is minimal or properly dispose of them so that they aren’t taking up space in your dish cabinet. Your co-workers or employees will thank you – we promise.

A Filing Cabinet

With everything being digital, it’s hard to believe you need those rusted filing cabinets that are falling apart. Let us take those cabinets away so that you can replace them with smaller, more functional filing cabinets that don’t take up so much room in your office.

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Junk Ninja Wants to Help Clean Your Office

Learn how we can help your business because we really do believe our full-service junk removal company can help make your office the best (and cleanest) it can be! Utilizing our services by having us clean out your office will make a significant impact on your work environment. It’s hard to be efficient when you are working in clutter or know there are a lot of items you just don’t know what to do with. Trust us; we’ve facilitated commercial junk removal on a large scale; from factory cleanouts to junk removal from warehouses, to multi-floor office cleanouts — there is no commercial junk removal task too big or small for us.

Junk Ninja is fully insured, and a licenced commercial waste hauler. We offer a Commercial Service Guarantee for government sectors, real estate agents, general contractors, property management companies, and Ottawa businesses. We are happy to service commercial businesses of all kinds and are glad to answer any of your questions. Call Junk Ninja today at (613) 825-0707 or book an appointment online. Our appointments are given as a two-hour window to ensure that we respect your time by being punctual.

We will send a member of our team to you to present a complimentary quote and deliver our same-day service if you agree to the terms. We come equipped with all the necessary tools to get the job done. We want to help you with all of your commercial full-service junk removal needs, all you have to do is get in touch!

With our professional junk removal services, we are proud to serve the Ottawa area. Contact Junk Ninja for the following Junk Removal Services:- 


  Junk Removal                                             ➤ E-Waste Removal    

 Appliance Removal                                  ➤ Hot Tube Removal

 Furniture Removal                                    ➤ Yard Waste Removal

 Renovation Cleanup                               ➤ Deck Removal

 Hoarding Cleanup                                    ➤ E-State Cleanup

 Light Bulb Disposal                                  


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