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Why is E-Waste Such a Big Deal?

Why is E-Waste Such a Big Deal?

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Blog, E-Waste, Garbage Removal, Junk Removal

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You’ve probably heard a lot in the past couple years about e-waste, also known as electronic waste. Environmentalists and scientists have often been vocal in recent times about such waste and its effect on our agriculture, our natural resources, and on our society. A decade ago, most homes had a television and a desktop computer. Now, it seems like everyone aged 2 to 92 has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV etc. Junk Ninja is committed to helping dispose of e-waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

In this article, we will try to find out why e-waste is such a big deal.

Understanding E-Waste

Let’s get acquainted with the term electronic waste and with its various aspects. Discarded and dumped electronic appliances, devices, and peripherals are generally regarded as the electronic waste or the E-waste. Examples include computer monitors, towers, printers, copiers, fax machines televisions, keyboards, DVD players, cables, scanners, and more.
With impressive technological advancement and increased usage of electronic appliances, devices, and peripherals, the amount of e-waste is only increasing.

Hazardous Components

Now, the real issue which is making e-waste such a big deal is that these types of items usually contain hazardous components or ingredients. For example, CRT monitors contain lead, chromium, and other hazardous ingredients. If dumped in a landfill, these chemicals have the potential to cause considerable damage to the soil, in addition to taking up a large amount of space in the landfill.

Even in some of the most developed countries around the world, where waste recycling and dumping procedures are very advanced, e-waste tends to pose risk to workers. The communities are also put at risk because e-waste pollutes the environment and damages the soil of the land in and around the landfills.

Increased level of carcinogens, airborne dioxins, remnants of heavy metals in the air and dust are some of the potential effects and impacts that e-waste poses to the environment.
Junk Ninja, Ottawa’s favourite junk removal company, is committed to disposing of e-waste in a safe manner from homes and businesses throughout the Ottawa region. All e-waste collected by Junk Ninja is recycled or donated, and nothing ends up in a local landfill site.

You can also recycle, resale or donate any unused electronic appliances or devices if it’s still in a usable condition rather than dumping them straight away and also can keep them away from landfills. In this way, we can contribute towards minimizing the amount of e-waste from our environment. The City of Ottawa has regular e-waste drop off locations, so check for the one nearest you.

For convenient and eco-friendly e-waste removal in Ottawa, contact Junk Ninja today.

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