Wheels of Change Spins into a better life

Wheels of Change Spins into a better life

by | Jan 1, 2014 | Blog

Its stories and projects like this that inspires us to be better people and as junk removers a better way to get rid of junk!

As the story goes, everyone has junk, some people have more than others…but “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.   Dan Austin a successful local business owner of Austin Adventures in Billings Montana took that statement to the next level.  He posted an ad on Craig’s List for old bikes to be donated.

The donated bikes were collected and shipped all the way to Africa; the mission was named Wheels of Change (WOC) and the inspiration was started.  WOC now provides bikes to several poverty stricken countries that benefit from the bikes in several ways.  The shipping containers the bikes are shipped in are actually turned into bike shops, and they community is taught how to fix the bikes.  So now it is an income for the community with the rental, maintenance and sale of each bike.

The bikes allow children to get back and forth to school, patients to get back and forth the hospital for medication, all things that we would take for granted but can be challenging to those living in these communities.

Check out the heartfelt Ottawa Citizen article that will surly put a smile on your face.


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