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Top Five Qualities You Want In A Junk Removal Company

Top Five Qualities You Want In A Junk Removal Company

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Ottawa

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We’ve Created A BOLO: Be On The Look Out For These Things!

We get a lot of people from towns and cities right across Canada, calling us for advice on how to find the best junk removal company. Folks ask us whether we can recommend someone close to their location, someone prompt, reputable and experienced.

To make your life easier, we’ve designed a list of the five top qualities you need to look for before hiring anybody! If the junk removal company you find doesn’t offer these five benefits, take a pass, and keep searching! You’ll find the right company for the job; it just takes a bit of investigation.

  1. Look for Rave Reviews: Check online, look in local publications, and talk to folks whom you know – but get the goods on the company’s history and experience. Like most companies and services, there might be the odd bad review – nobody’s perfect, as we all know! Especially online, it’s easy for customers to give a “thumbs down” for any real or perceived slight. Not all their reviews will be perfect. But the more you know, the better equipped you are to choose the right company. You can use sites like Google, Home stars and Yelp to check reviews online and get a solid sense of other customers’ experiences.
  1. Timely Service: A dependable, high-quality company should be able to provide you with service within 24 hours of the day you book. If you have to wait a week – or even three or four days – for someone to come out to your home, that might well be a red flag, telling you to choose a different company.
  1. Recycling: Good junk removal companies will offer a combination of recycling services and donation relationships with local non-profits and charities. Not everything we pick up is at the end of its life – not by a long shot! — and we know it’s in our best interests, and yours, to recycle everything we possibly can. If you have a soft spot for a particular charity in your community, your choice of junk removal company might be able to ensure your items go to it. Be sure to inquire about this when getting your quote. (We’ll come to that.) Anything that isn’t donated goes to landfill, and nobody wants that – let’s all spare the environment, if we can! Be sure to ask about this when you first get in touch with companies during your search.
  1. Full Service: This means exactly what it says: the company should be able to do the job top to bottom, stem to stern…you get the idea. They should be ready to arrive, do a quote, then pick up the items themselves. They do all the heavy lifting; you shouldn’t have to lift a finger. It doesn’t matter where the goods are located – the basement or the attic – it’s their job to remove them. If they ask you to have things “ready”, i.e., on the main floor, that’s maybe another red flag. If they won’t climb the stairs, perhaps you should choose another company.
  2. We said we’d get to this, the most important tip on our list, and we’ve saved “the best” for last. Most junk removal companies charge by volume, which means that if your items fill only half their truck, that should be all you pay for. Ask yourself: can they assess how much room your things will take if they haven’t seen them? Likely not, unless it’s one item, like a sofa or a fridge. Consequently, that means they need to come to your property, check what you want removed, and do a free, no-obligation quote. They can’t do it over the phone! If they try to persuade you into giving them the job via telephone, or online, without seeing the goods, politely refuse and call somebody else. They should be ready, willing and able to come to your home, survey the goods you want to get rid of, and give you a firm price. That’s the proper way a reputable junk removal company conducts itself.

To sum up… these are the most important tips we think you should look for in this kind of company. Maybe you can think of one or two others. Simply put: do your homework by checking companies out, online, with friends and family, and any other way you can think of. Ask all the right questions when they come to give you that all-important quote, such as, “can you take that sofa to XYZ Charity for me?”  “Will you carry all the items to the truck, from wherever they are?” Don’t be shy! You’re paying good money for their help, and you deserve the best possible service. Be sure you get your money’s worth!

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