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Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Blog, Seasonal

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When spring rolls around the corner, homeowners make it their duty to clean out clutter and perform some major reorganization. This tradition is widely observed throughout many countries and marks the end of the winter cold. Although the thought of spring cleaning will stress many homeowners and property managers, there are ways that the process of preparing your house for the start of a new season could be made easier. Find out how you can speed up the spring cleaning process with these top five tips.

Start Small

It’s always easier when you isolate areas of interest instead of starting with a big, overwhelming space. For example, instead of clearing out your entire room all at the same time, you can instead start with your night tables. Once the drawers are cleared of clutter, you can dust them down and organize them. Then you can move on to your closet and do the same there. Working on isolated areas makes it easier to organize things and will make the entire project a whole lot less troubling.

Follow a Schedule

Maybe you could finish your bedroom today, accomplish the living room tomorrow, and then spend the rest of the week in the storage room and kitchen. Whatever works best for your schedule, it’s always smarter to plot out exactly when you intend to start in specific rooms. This will make it possible for you to finish what needs to be finished when you expect it to be.

Get the Family to Join In

If you live with family or friends, you can ask for their help. Have your kids clean out their respective rooms and give them a little reward for a job well done. It’s always a lot easier when you have someone there to help you.

Organize Your Unwanted Items

There are some items that need to be thrown out, some that can be donated, and others still that can be sold. Organize your unwanted items and dispose of them accordingly.

Hire Professionals

It’s one thing to clear out your house and another thing to find a way to remove all the junk from your house. Once you have all the disposables out of your space, hire a junk removal service to remove all the different kinds of materials from each room and dispose of them properly. This is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to finally get rid of all those things to make room for new items.

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