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Thinking About a New Year’s Purge? You Know Who to Call

Thinking About a New Year’s Purge? You Know Who to Call

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Decluttering, Garbage Removal, Helpful Tips, Junk Removal, Seasonal

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Is decluttering and purging on your list of resolutions this coming New Year? If so, we can help! Junk Ninja will happily take all of the items you no longer want and dispose of them for you. That means you can give your home that deep clean you’ve been putting off. From yard waste to furniture to construction junk, we can take it all. Here’s more about our services and how we can assist when you’re considering a New Year’s purge.

We Haul Anywhere

Whenever you have junk to remove, we’ll come haul your materials from anywhere (within our service areas). We’ll even remove them from inside your home, office, or cottage. There’s no job too small or too large for our team.

We Take Anything

That’s right! We’ll take anything that isn’t hazardous off your hands. That old Christmas tree, computer equipment, carpets, drywall, beds — we’ll take it all. All you need to do is point to what needs to go, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Easy Booking Process

To schedule a pickup, you can call us or simply book online. If you need same day service, we offer that as well. Our process is easy — we’ll set up a two-hour window for our arrival and even give you a courtesy call when we are 15-minutes away. Once we arrive, all you need to do is show us what materials you need to be removed, and we’ll provide an upfront, all-inclusive estimate based on the total volume.

Sustainable Junk Handling

We don’t just take away your unwanted goods; we dispose of them for you properly. We are committed to a three-step junk handling approach to ensure that your items are taken to the right spot. After we pick up your junk, we’ll bring any reusable items to a local charity in your neighbourhood. That way, your items can be put to good use. Anything that cannot be donated will be taken to the recycling center to prevent any harmful materials from entering into our environment. For other items, we’ll take them directly to the junkyard to be disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Let this New Year be the time you finally purge of all your old junk. Just find what needs to go, and our team will come and help you get rid of it. Call us today or book online to get started.

With our professional junk removal services, we are proud to serve the Ottawa area. Contact Junk Ninja for the following Junk Removal Services:- 


  Junk Removal                                             ➤ E-Waste Removal    

 Appliance Removal                                  ➤ Hot Tube Removal

 Furniture Removal                                    ➤ Yard Waste Removal

 Renovation Cleanup                               ➤ Deck Removal

 Hoarding Cleanup                                    ➤ E-State Cleanup

 Light Bulb Disposal                                  


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