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The Best Way to Get Rid of Old Appliances & Furniture

The Best Way to Get Rid of Old Appliances & Furniture

by | May 8, 2020 | Blog

Ottawa Appliance Removal The ultimate Guide

Do you have appliances or heavy furniture that you want to get rid of?

You may be wondering what’s the best way to go about this.

While there are a few options when it comes to disposing of heavy and bulky items such as appliances and furniture, some have more downside than others.

Let’s take a look at the options for getting rid of old appliances and furniture.

Kijiji, Garage Sales & Other Appliance & Furniture Selling Options

elderly woman answers door to strangerYou may be wondering whether you can get a little cash for your old appliances or furniture.

The answer is “maybe” – and with a big caveat.

You MIGHT be able to sell furniture if it’s in good condition. Appliances? A big maybe. Here are some possible options for how that could work:

  • Garage sale – you’d have to do all the heavy lifting, perhaps many times, dragging your heavy couch, chairs, dresser, table and/or other objects out to the garage/driveway (and back again if it doesn’t sell)
  • Kijiji – Yes, you could place the item on Kijiji or a similar site, but unlike smaller items where you can meet the buyer at a neutral and safe location, with appliances and furniture it pretty much means that the buyer (a total stranger) will be coming to your house… depending on how you feel about this, proceed with caution (or don’t)

Neither of these are great options. One involves heavy lifting, which can lead to back issues or other injury. The other involves the risk of a person not known to you (a) knowing where you live and (b) coming into your home.

Donation Services Such as Salvation Army, Etc.

furniture and appliances at garage saleGone are the days when the Salvation Army or other donation centres were super keen on having anyone and everyone give them appliances, furniture and other bulky items.


These donations cost them a lot of their time, which for a charity doesn’t really help. Plus, the appliances were usually old and broken, as was the furniture (which was often also in poor sanitary condition). Sally Ann and the others ended up having to dispose of a lot of appliances and furniture, which actually costs them money (the dump doesn’t want them, either).

So chances are slim that you’ll be able to pick up the phone, call a donation centre, have them show up to your house, come inside (again the “stranger danger”), get the bulky items such as furniture and appliances, take them out the truck and haul them away.

Junk Ninja Can Take Your Old Appliances & Furniture Safely & Professionally

man carrying furniture for donationIf you’ve got old appliances in a state of disrepair, and/or old, broken or worn furniture that you want to get rid of, Junk Ninja can help.

We accept many common appliances and furniture items, including:

  • Stoves & Ovens
  • Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Dishwashers
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Couches, Sofas & Loveseats
  • Beds
  • Dressers, Armoires & Side Tables
  • Tables & Desks
  • Entertainment Centres & Cabinets

Whether you are in the process of moving out or moving in, remodeling, doing spring cleaning or you’ve just bought some new appliances and/or furniture, we can help you haul away your old, unwanted appliances and furniture.

We’re a trusted provider of junk removal, with a sterling reputation that includes great reviews on Google, HomeStars, Facebook and Yelp; and an A+ BBB rating.

Contact Junk Ninja today for prompt, professional and dependable appliance removal in the Ottawa, Brockville & Kingston areas.

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