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This Summer Vacation, Think Green

This Summer Vacation, Think Green

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Blog, Eco-Friendly, Recycling, Seasonal

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Summer is a time where it’s easy to recognize and embrace the beauty of the environment around us, so why not make a commitment to the environment by doing what you can for it, no matter where you go? Since summer is often a time for travelling to new and exciting destinations, it doesn’t mean while you explore the world you should give up on your effort to preserve the beauty of it. Environmentally friendly and responsible travel habits are a simple movement that you can jump on board with this summer to make your world a little greener. Here’s how:


You can start off at the very beginning. Before you book your next vacation, search for environmentally friendly hotels and activities. You can find this by going through green travel-based companies such as iStayGreen and Responsible Travel.

Ecotourism has also grown in popularity over the years as more people are realizing how important their green efforts are at home and abroad. Always consider visiting natural areas that employ conservation efforts and place a priority on environmental protection.


It may sound silly, but some of the smallest efforts can make the biggest difference overall. When you travel, think about the just how much waste you go through, including water bottles, coffee mugs, face wipes and so much more. Plastic water bottles are a downright nemesis to our environment, so even if you start by bringing your own bottle and refilling in places that provide clean water – it’s a great start. Plus, you’ll save a lot of money at the airport! Look for organic and biodegradable products to pack, and visit for more tips.

While Abroad

Once you arrive, do your best to recycle and keep that green state of mind. It can be more difficult in areas where there seem to no recycling bins, but chances are that your resort or hotel will have some. So even if it means storing a few items in your backpack to toss out back at the hotel – you’ll be doing the environment a great service.

Also while abroad, do your research before deciding to partake in any activities. Are the activities sustainable? Would participating cause any undue harm to the environment or biodiversity of the region?

Ecotourism and environmental practices are gaining momentum thanks to people like you that are interested in changing their habits at home and abroad by thinking green. There’s no better time to start than now, so use these quick tips to ensure your next vacation is as green as it can be, and help to preserve the natural beauty around you – at home and abroad.

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