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Start the New Season with a Good Cleanout Using Junk Removal in Ottawa

Start the New Season with a Good Cleanout Using Junk Removal in Ottawa

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Blog, Decluttering, Helpful Tips, Ottawa, Recycling

Ottawa Appliance Removal The ultimate Guide

Though it is still winter, you probably had some good intentions of getting a head start
on spring cleaning, right? Maybe it was to get that closet organized or tackle that
particularly chaotic corner of the garage? Whatever goals you have for getting your New
Year off to a good start with junk removal in Ottawa, we have some good advice.

Post-Holiday Tactics

After you have taken down the seasonal holiday décor and put the different boxes and
tubs away, you were also probably left shaking your head about the accumulation of
“stuff”, as well. Some like to call it the “post holiday junk” dilemma, and rather than
encouraging you to quickly shut the attic, closet or garage door, we instead suggest you
embrace that sight.

What is it, exactly, that has gotten out of hand? Is it lots of paperwork? Maybe it is
bulkier items that make you cringe whenever you go into that area of seasonal storage?
Mattresses, old furniture, broken toys or other such items have a way of feeling
overwhelming. Maybe you have bags of linens or old carpets that are also a bit too
much to handle. The good news is that you can count on junk removal in Ottawa to help
you eliminate the stuff that’s caused you to start avoiding or thinking negatively about an
area of your home.

To get started, though, here are more tactics to use once you stop avoiding those
unwelcome areas of clutter:

Use the three pile system – If you are going to make the most out of junk removal
in Ottawa, you have to know what it is you intend to “keep”, “toss” and “donate”.
Most call that a three pile system and it helps to get things under control. Just
walk up to the first item and tag it with one of those terms and move on to the
next. You’ll soon have tossed, moved or made a better storage place for the
items in that area.
Do it again Once you’ve gone through everything and sorted it into the three
piles, look over the “keep” pile again. Why? Quite often, people keep broken
items, unused items and goods with sentimental but no useful value. This causes
clutter in the home and inside of your mind. Instead, turn to your junk removal in
Ottawa to get rid of the garbage and then narrow down what you’re keeping to an
even smaller amount.
Turn to professionals – Lastly, don’t see your hands as being tied where bulkier
items are concerned. You don’t have to keep the old washer, the dead TV, the rusted out barbecue and all the rest. There are experts at junk removal in Ottawa who will do the heavy lifting and get rid of all that unwanted clutter and stuff that has no purpose in your home, attic, of life.

Decluttering your spaces helps to declutter the mind and if you want to start the new season in the best shape, make sure you also tackle those unfriendly spaces full of outdated and unwanted items by contacting the professionals at Junk Ninja in Ottawa.

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