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Reclaim Your Space with Appliance Removal Services

Reclaim Your Space with Appliance Removal Services

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Blog, Junk Removal, Ottawa

Ottawa Appliance Removal The ultimate Guide

Are you like millions of others who suffer with old appliances taking up space in the garage or other areas of the home? It can be incredibly difficult to find someone to remove old refrigerators, chest freezers, non-functioning washers or dryers, and even an oven or dishwasher serving as storage! Fortunately, Junk Ninja has full service appliance removal that allows you to reclaim your space without any heavy lifting, hauling or exorbitant fees.

Of course, you are probably like many modern consumers and eager to know that the appliance removal does not result in that bulky item (or items) ending up in a pile of unsightly, and polluting debris in another area. The good news is that our service meets your needs, but also those of the environment, too.

After all, appliance removal can’t just end with us driving away with your unwanted items. It has to end with us ensuring that any hazardous or potentially hazardous materials do not enter the environment. To ensure that, our appliance removal includes the physical removal and the disposal.

The Need for Attentive Appliance Removal

You may not think much about the issue of appliance removal and believe that there is not much harm in that old refrigerator or microwave. While you did the environment a good favour by replacing an older and less efficient appliance with a new, energy friendly model, tossing the outdated machine is unwise.

As we often explain to customers, a single refrigerator has reclaimable metal, plastic and glass that can be easily recycled into something entirely new. And whether a refrigerator was made before 2010 (or afterward when ozone friendly hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants replaced harmful chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons), its materials are bad for the environment. Its insulating foams, switches and relays and other oils and coolants can do tremendous damage.

This is an illustration of a refrigerator, but almost any household appliance of substantial size would be the same. Stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, mini fridges, dryers, washing machines, deep freezers and convection ovens are some of the appliances you should have professionally handled and removed.

The Space You Gain

Once proper and professional appliance removal is done, just think of the millions of things you can do with the space you reclaimed. Whether you are simply going to replace the machine with a safer, more energy efficient option, or convert the space into something new, you will benefit. After all, the average refrigerator takes up 31 cubic feet, while the average chest freezer consumes more than 15 cubic feet. Why waste this space that you could instead use for anything from storage to a new work space.

Reclaim space, save on energy bills and do some good for the environment by turning to Junk Ninja for appliance removal. We do the heavy lifting and the proper, responsible disposal, and you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a more organized home and improved use of space. Whether you savour an updated space or just more space to savour, this is the right way to do it.

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With our professional junk removal services, we are proud to serve the Ottawa area. Contact Junk Ninja for the following Junk Removal Services:- 


  Junk Removal                                             ➤ E-Waste Removal    

 Appliance Removal                                  ➤ Hot Tube Removal

 Furniture Removal                                    ➤ Yard Waste Removal

 Renovation Cleanup                               ➤ Deck Removal

 Hoarding Cleanup                                    ➤ E-State Cleanup

 Light Bulb Disposal                                  


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