Why Proper E-Waste Removal Is So Important

Why Proper E-Waste Removal Is So Important

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Blog

Everyone knows what happens to their garbage after it gets picked up from the curb: it goes straight to a landfill, where it is dumped and left to decompose. This works well for materials which will actually break down without much consequence, but not so well for things that may leak toxic chemicals or heavy metals into the ground and potentially harm the environment.

E-waste, is a term used to described electronic waste such as computers and household appliances.  It is one of the categories of things that should not be deposited into our landfills, for a variety of reasons including environmental concerns. This is why it‘s so important to understand how to utilize e-waste removal services and appliance removal services in your area. These services make sure  e-waste doesn’t end up in our landfills, but instead is brought to a designated recycling facility where things will be dealt with in a safe and conscientious manner.

To understand why proper e-waste removal by a trained appliance removal service is so important, we first need to understand why e-waste and household appliances can be so dangerous.

The Dangers of E-Waste

Things like computers, microwaves, cell phones and refrigerators contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals as part of the components which make them work. When these items are brought to landfills without first being properly dealt with, they can leak these dangerous substances into the ground, and subsequently, our drinking waters. This can have huge ramifications for the human population as well as the natural world, where animals and plants can also be affected.

Some of the dangerous substances found in e-waste are: lead, mercury, barium and a material called chloroflurocarbon (CFC), which is a refrigerant found in cooling units that, when released into the air, can and will deplete the ozone layer further.

Proper e-waste removal practices done by a professional appliance removal service team will ensure these chemicals are dealt with safely and that none of them end up where they shouldn’t be.

What Happens To Your E-Waste

After an appliance removal service takes away your e-waste safely from your home, they will transport them to a nearby e-waste removal and recycling depot, where a trained team of professionals will assess the device.

If it is in good working order, they might choose to recycle it by selling it to another person who can use it. If not, they’ll dismantle all of the potentially dangerous parts and removal all of the toxic substances. Once it is completely cleaned, the leftover metal can be sent to a recycling facility to be melted down or used again.


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