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Your Post-Party Recycling Guide

Your Post-Party Recycling Guide

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Blog, Recycling

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After the party is over and the guests are gone, we don’t blame you if you’re afraid to look at the house. You can pretend you don’t see that pile of garbage, those empty beer bottles, and that crinkled wrapping paper if gifts were involved – but you can’t ignore it for long. Let’s dig deep and get the cleaning started!

The “wave method” is a great strategy for simplifying your post-party clean-up. On the first pass through the house pick up all the garbage, recyclables, and things that need to be cleaned like plates and cutlery. Sort now for an easier process later. Next wave, do a surface clean of tables and furniture. Act quickly to make sure any spills or cup rings don’t have time to set in. Finally, vacuum the carpets and mop/sweep the floors. That’s it! Now, what do you do with that garbage/recycle you collected? Here’s how it all breaks down:

Beer, Wine, and Pop

 After a party, you’re probably going to have a decent collection of pop cans or bottles, beer bottles, and wine bottles. You can toss the pop cans and bottles right into your blue box. Wine, beer, and spirit containers can be returned to The Beer Store for a deposit as part of the “Bag it Back” program. If you have more than 120 individual containers, go to a Bulk Return Location. There is one in Ottawa’s east end on Swansea Crescent (near Conroy/Walkley) and in Kanata (499 Terry Fox, Signature Centre).

Gift Wrapping Paper

Did you host a birthday party, baby shower, or engagement party? Then you probably have a lot of gift paper and tissue paper left around your home. Often, our immediate response is to throw it all in one big bag to deal with later. But before you go tossing that bag in the garbage, it’s important to know that it can actually be recycled. So place any gift-wrapping paper into your black box recycling bin.

Paper Plates

Whether you host a dinner party or birthday party, paper plates are a common item used and one that can always be easily confused for recycling. But paper plates and even napkins should be placed in your composting bin. If the plates are wet, it’s suggested to wrap them in newspaper before placing in the green bin. This makes cleanup easier than ever!

Waxed Paper

Did you bake some appetizers for the party? Don’t throw out wax paper – it can go in your green bin as well!


Whether it’s Styrofoam cups, plates, or packaging, this item cannot be recycled and should be placed directly into your garbage bin.

If you’ve got tons of post-party items to dispose of and you’re not sure where to place what, check out our Ottawa recycling guide or just leave it entirely up to us. We can come to your home and haul away any junk, including any old appliances or electronics.

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