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Ottawa Junk Removal Vs. Taking Junk to the Ottawa Dump

Ottawa Junk Removal Vs. Taking Junk to the Ottawa Dump

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Best Junk Removal In Ottawa, Blog, E-Waste, Garbage Removal, Helpful Tips, Junk Removal, Ottawa, Recycling

Ottawa Appliance Removal The ultimate Guide

Thinking about getting rid of a large volume of old junk?

If you’re looking at the Ottawa dump as a means of doing so, there are some important things to consider.

This includes the type(s) of waste you’ll be dropping off; the volume of junk you’re getting rid of; what day of the week and what time you’ll be going; and much more.

In this edition of the Junk Ninja blog, we’ll look at what all is involved in hauling your own junk to the Ottawa dump, the factors you’ll want to bear in mind, and some potential waste disposal alternatives to consider.

A Central “Ottawa Dump” Doesn’t Exist; There Are Multiple Waste Sites

city garbage dumpThe City of Ottawa has a landfill site. There are also multiple waste facilities and recycling centres.

Each waste site has its own rules, regulations, policies and processes to follow. It can get a bit complicated, especially when dealing with multiple types of junk, waste, refuse and recycling.

Ottawa Dump: Getting Rid of Junk at the City of Ottawa Waste Facility

The Trail Waste Facility is the de facto Ottawa dump as run by the City of Ottawa. This facility charges waste disposal fees by drop-off and weight. There are separate areas here for different types of waste & junk disposal, including:

  • Paper / Cardboard / Books
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Tires
  • General garbage / Waste

The amount you pay will vary by the volume as well as the type(s) of material(s) you are getting rid of. Essentially there is no way to know in advance how much you’ll end up paying to get rid of junk at the Ottawa dump.

The Ottawa dump and other waste facilities get pretty busy on Saturdays. If you work a Monday-Friday schedule, you could end up spending too much of your precious weekend time hauling items to the dump, waiting, circling back around and waiting again.

AIM Recycling Centres: Ottawa E-Waste & Appliance Junk Drop-Off for a Fee

junk removal at a houseLocated in the East End and West End, these Ottawa recycling facilities take electronic waste, appliances and other pure-metal materials.

Like the City of Ottawa dump, these recycling centres charge different rates based on load size, types of material, etc.

Similarly, there is a somewhat complicated process to follow, one that can end up costing you time as well as money.

Progressive Waste Solutions: Private Ottawa Dump

Located in the East End of Ottawa near Stevenage/Hawthorne, this private dump facility only takes waste.

man carrying heavy old chairYou cannot drop off appliances, tires or e-waste here.

PWS charges by the weight of your load.

While the other facilities mentioned have convoluted processes involved, the catch here is that it’s an industrial site; that means caution for the following

  • Wear steel-toe boots
  • Wear a hard hat (possibly a vest, too)
  • Watch out for large trucks driving around!

As you can see, while dropping off your junk and waste at the dump might seem like a good idea in theory, the practical considerations of this method of (DIY) junk removal come with plenty of downside.

Ottawa Junk Removal: Let the Pros Do the Heavy Lifting for You!

Instead, why not consider professional junk removal in Ottawa?

For a nominal fee, Junk Ninja – a leader in Ottawa junk removal services – will come to your home or business and remove all the junk you need carted away.

Need junk removal for heavy appliances? Let Junk Ninja do the heavy lifting!

With Junk Ninja’s Ottawa junk removal services, you’ll get rid of all your unwanted items at once – without leaving the comfort of your home or business.

Contact Junk Ninja today to find out more and get started on Ottawa junk removal.

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