Ottawa Food Bank Fund Raiser

Ottawa Food Bank Fund Raiser

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Blog, Charity and Volunteer, Junk Removal

Junk Ninja Ottawa Food Bank Fundraiser


To help the Ottawa Food Bank cope with the increased pressure arising from COVID-19, Junk Ninja has decided to help the food bank raise some funds and try to help keep the shelves full of food. 

Junk Ninja typically tries to help out the food bank during the Christmas season, and at other busy times in the year but, because of the pandemic, they have decided to put in a little extra effort to raise awareness and help those in need at this time. 

Junk Ninja is an essential service and has kept working through the pandemic to help homeowners and businesses, deal with there unwanted waste removal needs. 

Junk Ninja originated in the Ottawa area over 10 years ago. The FoodBank is a vital resource for many citizens of Ottawa so, it was decided without a thought that we are going to try and help out. 

Junk Ninja will be donating $20.00 for every customer it services in the next two weeks starting on April 23. They also encourage their customers and other businesses in Ottawa to join in and do the same. 

Click here to make a donation directly to the Ottawa Food Bank!


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