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New Year, New Home: Tips To Help Maintain Your Home After a Clutter Cleanse

New Year, New Home: Tips To Help Maintain Your Home After a Clutter Cleanse

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Blog, Decluttering, Garbage Removal, Helpful Tips, Junk Removal, Recycling

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..It’s the new year, and the new year typically inspires people to turn over a new leaf. If you kicked off your new year by doing a massive clutter cleanse, good for you! The first thing you can do is give yourself a pat on the back – and the second thing you can do is dedicate the rest of the year to maintaining your newly clean space.

If you took the step to clear out your clutter last year (hopefully by utilizing a professional full-service junk removal company), the big resolution this year is to keep things organized.

At Junk Ninja we are all about big changes and moving forward – that’s one of the many reasons why we are so proud to offer full-service junk removal services! We’re here to help you purge all the things you don’t need anymore, and help you upkeep a new clutter-free space this year.

We’re an Ottawa based full-service junk removal company, but our service areas are widespread across the GTA. We are proud to fill any and all junk removal needs in cities across the GTA like Cambridge, Kitchener, Bradford, Guelph and Burlington. We know that everyone has things they need to get removed; whether you are looking for appliance removal or waste removal, we have your back.

We’re happy to help whenever you need us, just head to to see what we’re all about – you can even book your appointment while you’re there!

We know it’s easy to fall into bad habits, which is why it’s imperative to follow these tips on how to keep your home clean after a big de-clutter!

Know When You Need Another Cleanse

We both know that even if you are successful in maintaining your home after a clutter cleanse, things happen. Holidays happen and seasons change, which leaves you with new clutter to deal with.

The best thing you can do is start planning your full-service junk removal right away – don’t wait until things get out of hand. We serve all of your junk removal needs, and that includes advising you on how to maintain your home after we come in and take your stuff off of your hands. For information on what we can take (spoiler: we take almost everything), consult our list of items on our website.

clearing out clutter

Keep a Before & After Photo

Taking a before and after photo is a good way to motivate yourself to keep your home neat and clean – and let go of unnecessary things right away. Sometimes all you need is that visual reminder of what your space looked like before the big clean out to prevent yourself from going down the wrong path again.

Next time you think “what’s the harm” when you put an item of clothing you’ll never wear again back into your closet, pull out that photo and see what happened last time you decided to keep yet another unnecessary item.

Store Things Neatly

Everything in your house or office needs to have a place where it belongs. If you have items that don’t have a place to call home, chances are these items will be left discarded lying around – and all this does is cause clutter.

If you don’t have a place for something you want to keep and know you’ll need to access to it at a much later time (paperwork, gadget manuals etc.), keep it in storage. Let’s be clear about one thing: storage doesn’t mean tucking things away in a massive box never to be touched again. It means using storage boxes or storage areas for things that need to be out of sight and out of mind, but accessible when needed.

The perfect way to store things that you don’t reach for often is to utilize storage units. That can mean an organizer for your closet or a box to slide under your bed. You don’t need your photo albums lying around taking up space, but you definitely want a place where you can neatly keep them for a day you feel nostalgic.

cleaning out the home

Put Things Back After You Use Them

The easiest way to clutter your home is to leave random items around when you finish with them. If you take a book off a shelf or plug in an appliance, make sure you put it back where you got it from when you’re not using it anymore. If you put away things as you use them, you prevent the problem of having so many things lying around that you can’t even remember where they belong.

If You Don’t Need It, Remove It

If you don’t need it now, and won’t really need it in the future, why are you keeping it? We are all guilty of keeping things “just because” or “just in case.” Before you save an item that you’re not using, really stop to consider if you will need it down the road because if you don’t, there’s no need for it to collect dust.

cleaning home tips

You Can Also Donate or Recycle it

We get it – you don’t feel right about getting rid of clothing and appliances that are in good condition, but you just don’t need or want them anymore. Getting rid of your things doesn’t mean throwing them into the garbage – it just means getting the items out of your house.

Fortunately, we work with a range of local charities including Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army and Ottawa Neighbourhood Services.

You can always donate your stuff that is usable that you don’t use much anymore. If your things aren’t necessarily in the best condition to donate, you can always see if they are recyclable.

If Something Breaks, Replace It Then Get Rid of It

Why is it that when our coffee machine breaks, we replace it – but still keep it? There is no rational reason to keep something that doesn’t work anymore. Everyone is guilty of this; it’s an unwritten rule that if you get a new computer monitor, you keep the old one in your storage space – and for what?

If you know your appliance is probably recyclable but don’t know how to dispose of it, give us a call, and we will take it off of your hands to make sure it is recycled properly and responsibly. We are proud to have a local recycling facility where we sort through what we collect to make sure it all goes to the right place.

New Year New Home Tips To Help Maintain Your Home

Don’t Revert to Old Habits

If you catch yourself not reaching to put away that item you just finished with, or toss a torn garment back into your closet, take a minute. All those things that caused your clutter in the first place should be off limits. Be cautious to not fall into old habits – a new, clean space means new productive habits to keep things looking spiffy.

Create a System for When You Don’t Want to Throw Something Out

You are bound to have that moment when you are hesitant to throw out something that you don’t need or use. You’ll find yourself wondering, “what if I need this later?” or thinking “my sister gave me this now broken bracelet 10 years ago.”

There is no denying the sentimental value of items or the importance of keeping things you may need in the future, but the answer to “do I really need to throw this out” will most likely be a resounding yes.

Look Out for Warning Signs

Has a small corner of discarded items started to form in your bedroom? Don’t let it become a mountain. Nip things in the bud as soon as you catch them – if you spot a warning sign, act on it right away. Chances are that you will notice when you are starting to slack, so pick things up ASAP.

If you see that you are falling into the aforementioned bad habits, start right back up again with your new set of habits that will ensure that your space stays neat and won’t fall victim to clutter again.

About Junk Ninja’s Full-Service Junk Removal

The biggest hurdle when you are on the hunt for full-service junk removal is finding a company who will remove your unneeded things safely, efficiently and cautiously. When you let us remove our stuff, you can rest easy knowing that we recycle, re-use and donate.

Junk Ninja is an Ottawa based full-service junk removal company, but we serve cities across the GTA not limited to Toronto, Mississauga, Brantford and Kingston. We are happy to remove any unwanted items from your home that may be causing you to stress or preventing you from having the organized space you want.

If you are interested in our fees, all pricing information for our junk removal services can be found on our website – and you can even book your appointment while you’re online too! After you book your appointment, we will be in touch with your time slot (given in two-hour grace periods) and send someone over to take a look at what you’re working with!

Junk Ninja provides a complimentary quote upon arrival, and if you agree to the terms, we can get started and complete our same-day service.  Don’t wait for things to get out of hand, call our full-service junk removal company and we will help you clean out your home by removing any unwanted items.

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