New Year Means Out with the Old and in with the New!

New Year Means Out with the Old and in with the New!

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Blog

It’s the New Year and with the New Year comes tonnes of junk leftover from the season of giving. If you’re lucky though, you might have had an astute partner or relative that picked up on all the hints you dropped and got you that new microwave, mini bar fridge, or even splurged on the washer/dryer set you were dying for. What do you do with your old appliance though? Well, you need to think about e-waste removal and find an appliance removal service to take it away for you.

Gone are the days when you didn’t have to worry about e-waste removal or finding an appliance removal service and you could just dump your old fridge on your curb. And thank goodness for that! The average fridge contains up to 150 pounds of metal, 25 pounds of plastic, and 2 pounds of glass; all of which are recyclable. There are also harmful chemicals that need to go through a detailed removal process so that they don’t have the potential to poison the earth or come in contact with people. That’s a lot to think about! An appliance removal service will make it a painless process to get rid of that aged, monstrous appliance and make e-waste removal a cinch.

Look at it as your New Year resolution to use an appliance removal service for your unwanted stuff. It’s one of the best resolutions because every step of it is beneficial not only for you, but for everyone around you. E-waste removal safely disposes of harmful chemicals, it protects the environment and it saves energy, money and is pretty much completely effort-free.

In the beginning of the New Year, odds are you don’t just have one thing you want to get rid of. Check with the company and they’ll likely have a long list of items they’ll happily take off your hands and recycle efficiently. Most companies that do appliance removal service or e-waste removal also do junk removal too. This is a great opportunity to clear out the old closet, crawlspace or attic. They’ll even help you sort through the items in these spaces so you don’t have to spend days and days of your own time determining what to keep and what to toss.

Companies today make environmentally safe waste removal the simplest thing possible. Make it your New Year resolution to jump onboard the bandwagon and don’t just do something for yourself, do it for the environment and everyone who lives in it.


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