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Make Sure Your E-Waste Practices Aren’t Hurting the Environment

Make Sure Your E-Waste Practices Aren’t Hurting the Environment

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Blog, E-Waste, Eco-Friendly, Helpful Tips, Junk Removal, Recycling

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E-waste – short for electronic waste – is by definition the discarding of any electronic materials whether that be a computer or stereo. This waste has been proven to not only be harmful to human beings but the well-being of the environment as well.

There is a reason why Ottawa and other cities don’t accept used or broken electronics for curbside pickup anymore; the recycling and disposal of these items are complicated and need to be done responsibly in order to not harm the environment.

We understand the severity of improperly discarding and recycling electronic devices, which is why Junk Ninja is committed to providing e-waste removal services that are environmentally responsible.

We offer electronic item disposal services in Ottawa and surrounding cities to ensure that e-waste is discarded properly, and not tossed aside or sent to a landfill where it will cause further problems for the population and the environment.

For pricing information on our wide array of services that range from e-waste removal to appliance removal to yard clean-up, you can visit our site where you can even book an appointment for our same-day services.

e waste recycling process

How E-Waste Hurts the Environment

The United Nations released information that in 2014 alone, 41.8 metric million tons of e-waste were generated around the world – and Canadians were responsible for 725 metric tonnes of that.

There are a variety of ways that e-waste negatively impacts the environment and humans for that matter. It is imperative that we understand how the disposal of our electronic devices can impact us and our environment both immediately and in the future.

From hazardous toxins to contaminating important environmental resources, the negative impacts of e-waste are numerous and detrimental. There is no better incentive to make sure you are disposing of electronic devices properly than to understand what can happen if you don’t.

These are the main effects that e-waste has on our eco-system:

Toxic Components:

E-waste is not only bad for the environment, but it’s bad for our physical health as well. This waste produces toxins that can take a negative toll on our nervous, reproductive and skeletal systems. According to Green Citizen, toxins produced by this waste includes:

  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Polybrominated Flame Retardants
  • Lithium
  • Barium
  • Lead
  • Arsenic

It’s not until these items are disposed of in a landfill and are tinkered with that they release such toxins. The aforementioned toxic components are also harmful when the e-waste is warmed up.

When televisions, printers and other similar devices are left in landfills in warm seasons, their materials get heated up and damage the atmosphere. In other cases, these materials get melted down which also results in the release of these hazardous substances.

According to Citizen Truth, electronics with plugs or batteries (think phones, laptops, TVs, fridges etc.) also tend to leak, which is another way that these toxins can seep into the atmosphere and groundwater.

Water Contamination

When e-waste is improperly disposed of and finds its way into a landfill, its chemicals are able to seep into groundwater, which takes a negative toll on the health of people and animals in surrounding areas.

According to the University of Washington’s college of engineering, the e-waste of heavy metals like lead and arsenic in landfills can release these types of toxins. These heavy metals can also be released into surface water which, as a result, is harmful to any surrounding animal life in the water such as fishes who can ingest these toxic materials like mercury.

A common incorrect recycling practice is when acids are used to extract precious materials from e-waste. This allows these acids to get released into local sources like streams and ponds.

Soil Contamination

Soil can either come into direct contact with the toxins from e-waste or get contaminated from by-products of improper recycling. It can also come into contact with these materials through irrigation from polluted water.

If illegally dumped or irresponsibly recycled, soil can be directly contaminated by flame retardants and heavy metals from discarded e-waste.


When electronics are recycled improperly, the aforementioned toxic chemicals get released into the air as well as into soil and water supplies. The Institute of Physics reports that this results in animals and humans inhaling this polluted air, which makes for a severely unhealthy environment all around.

According to Get Green Now, when e-waste is burned, it releases hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. This is just another of the many ways that e-waste produces pollution and harms our environment.

e waste recycling process

How We Can Help:

We are proud to be a green company that offers a variety of services that will help keep your e-waste practices eco-friendly. We offer specialty recycling services like appliance removal and e-waste removal so that all your things don’t go to a landfill where they will destroy the environment.

Instead, we have our own recycling center where we make sure everything that we collect is combed through to ensure no item gets discarded. We are well aware of the hazards of improperly discarding things like electronic devices, which is why we offer such a wide array of services.

When we collect your e-waste, you can be sure that we will help you keep the environment clean with these different practices:


According to TCO Certified, 112,000 laptops and desktop computers get tossed daily in the U.S. – that’s 41 million a year, and a lot of computers that could probably be re-used.

Rest assured that when we collect your electronic devices, we donate whatever we can to local charities. We are affiliated with charities not limited to The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, The Ottawa Mission and The Ottawa Neighbourhood Services.


According to the United Nations, only 20 percent of e-waste was recycled in 2016 – that’s 80 percent of e-waste just discarded.

When we collect your stuff, trust us to recycle everything we take responsibly and properly – including your e-waste. We have our own facility where we sort through all the stuff that we collect to make sure every item is treated the way it should be, whether that means recycling it, donating it, or re-using it.

For example, computers are made of materials like iron, plastics and aluminum that can be extracted and re-used! We will ensure that these materials are removed responsibly and are put to good use.

We will also make sure that toxic chemicals from electronic devices such as arsenic, mercury and cadmium are disposed of properly so that they don’t contaminate water, soil and the atmosphere.


It is with immense pride that Junk Ninja takes part in programs, partnerships and initiatives that hold companies and individuals accountable for their electronics disposal practices.

One of the many programs we are affiliated with is our light bulb and fixture recycling program that we run in partnership with Hydro Canada. We are also part of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program which ensures all affiliated businesses have environmentally sound electronic recycling practices. 

Offer E-Waste Removal Services

We understand that not everyone has the knowledge and resources to recycle their electronics in a way that is environmentally friendly. So many things aren’t accepted for curbside pickup anymore, which makes it hard to know where to go to get rid of these things.

That’s why we offer professional recycling and junk removal services to ensure that your items are discarded of appropriately! Our full-service e-waste removal and appliance recycling services will help to ensure that all your items are treated properly, whether that means recycling them or donating them.

We are a green company committed to making sure everything we collect will not end up in a landfill where it can damage our environment.

Junk Ninja’s E-Waste Removal Services

Junk Ninja is a locally owned full-service junk removal company in Ottawa that’s been in the business for over a decade. We offer a wide range of services including e-waste removal, metal recycling services, and appliance removal that will help you keep your home clutter-free.

Although we are based out of Ottawa, we are proud to serve a wide variety of cities that includes Brantford, Kitchener and Cambridge.

If you are interested in utilizing our full-service junk removal, all you have to do is give us a call so we can book you an appointment. Or, you can even book an appointment online and we will give you courtesy call 15 minutes before we arrive!

When we get to you, we will see what you want removed and provide you with a complimentary quote. All you have to do is give us the green-light and we can proceed with our same-day service. We will sweep up before we leave to ensure that after your home is clear of clutter it is also clear of any dust or debris.

Whether you are looking to clear out your home or office space, we can help you. We offer junk removal for residences and commercial spaces and are experienced in removing waste and debris. Get in touch to see what we can do for you!

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