Make Your Own Garden Soil with Organic Compost

Make Your Own Garden Soil with Organic Compost

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Blog, Garbage Removal, Recycling, Seasonal

You can save money and cut down on the amount of kitchen waste that is thrown in the garbage by adding composting to your backyard gardening approach. Consider making your own highly enriched garden soil with organic compost – a process that is simple, tremendously effective for plant growth, and environmentally-friendly.

If you haven’t adventured into the land of composting in the past, you’re going to want to read up on all of the inside information – which we are going share with you below! When you’re done reading our quick guide, you’ll be equipped to create a nourishing garden soil to produce some of the best plants you’ve ever grown.

Start your organic composting process with a solid container

Investing in a solid container will be key to your composting success. The best organic compost containers are going to be shaped like oil drums, and premier options are going to include a “rotating” feature that allows you to effortlessly shake up and manipulate the compost as the organic material is breaking down. It is also very important to choose a container that provides your compost the ability to breathe so that dangerous gases can escape.

Make sure that you get the right mixture when you’re making your own garden soil

There isn’t a picture-perfect “recipe” for turning organic compost into rich garden soil, however, you are going to want to make sure that you are mixing your organic compounds with a material that is considerably drier to maintain an effective balance and consistency.

The best garden soil isn’t composed entirely out of broken down vegetables and fruits, but instead including a mixture of shredded newspaper, ripped up leaves, twigs, and any other dry, organic and biodegradable ingredients that you may choose to include.

Garden soil isn’t made in a day, but requires daily effort

Creating a rich garden soil from compost requires time and patience, given the time necessary to actually break down organic compounds into their usable elements. However, it is going to require daily effort on your behalf.

Continue to “feed” your compost with natural and organic ingredients on a routine basis, give your compost a spin if you have a rotating container, and routinely take stock to measure your progress so that you are able to utilize this top-notch garden soil at your earliest opportunity.

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