When a Loved One Passes On, Make Junk and Furniture Removal Stress-Free

When a Loved One Passes On, Make Junk and Furniture Removal Stress-Free

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Blog

This is not the most pleasant of topics, but at some point, we will all have to deal with the passing of a relative, parent or other loved one.  And when that day comes, we will most likely have to take care of the clean-up and clear-out of our loved one’s home.  Dealing with junk and furniture removal is always a daunting task, but it becomes all the more stressful when you have to cope with the emotions and memories that well up while clearing a loved one’s items after they have passed away.

What can you do to make this challenging time more bearable?  If you do have an estate to clear-out in the Ottawa area, one thing you can do to make it easier on yourself and your family is to order a bin from a local dumpster rental company.  When you order a bin, it will be delivered right to your driveway on the date you arrange upon booking.  You will be able to easily fill the bin with any unwanted items from the estate.

However, now you have the Ottawa dumpster rental in the driveway of the estate, you may be wondering where to start the process of separating the junk from the treasured items.  First, create an inventory of the home’s contents, make a list of important documents such as bank accounts, insurance documents, and real-estate deeds, and locate valuable items such as artwork, jewelry and other family heirlooms.  Then allocate items you want to give to family and friends.  Put anything that doesn’t fit into the above categories into the bin and then the Ottawa dumpster rental company will come back to remove the bin and sort the materials for donation and recycling.

Renting a bin from an Ottawa dumpster rental company is an excellent way to help you clear out an estate during this difficult time.  But what if you are clearing out an apartment and don’t have the driveway space for a bin.  Or what if you just don’t want to deal with the emotions of sorting through and disposing of all of these items yourself?  Another option is to order an estate clean out through a junk and furniture removal company.  Clearing the estate by hiring it out will mean you don’t have to deal with the hassle of appliance and furniture removal.  It also means  the home will be cleared out more efficiently as your junk and furniture removal team will not have the sentimentality attached to items past their prime.

It is true having to clear out an estate is a stressful and difficult time.  Make it easier by ordering an Ottawa dumpster rental or a junk and furniture removal service.  Not sure which option is right for you?  Research companies in the Ottawa area who offer dumpster rentals and junk removal to see what services they offer.  When you find one you like, call them up so they can help you determine whether an Ottawa dumpster rental or junk and furniture removal is right for your situation.




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