Light Bulb Disposal & Recycling in Ottawa

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    The Proper & Correct Way to Dispose of Light Bulbs

    Junk Ninja is fully equipped to recycle any amount of light bulbs you need to dispose of in an environmentally responsible way.

    You might be tempted to just toss out your old light bulbs in the trash, but you should think twice before you do that. There are things that you can throw away without getting in trouble, but some items like light bulbs contain toxic heavy metals and hazardous materials that can cause detrimental environmental issues and harmful health consequences.

    Before you even get the chance to get rid of more light bulbs, you should familiarize yourself with the different types and proper way of handling them. By following the correct disposal methods, you can reduce their negative environmental and health impact to you and people around you.

    It’s time to become a better citizen by protecting your loved ones and environment from the dangerous effects of improper disposal of light bulbs. Check out the correct and safe way to dispose of light bulbs in our guide below:

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    Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)

    Compact fluorescent light bulbs are energy-efficient bulbs that require less energy use than traditional bulbs. This is the reason why they are a popular choice among people. No other chemical element has been proven as efficient as mercury in making its operations very efficient.

    Mercury makes it possible for CFLs to emit light with much brighter intensity than that of old style lamps. As effective as it is in enabling and emitting light without using so much energy, this essential lightbulb component could be hazardous if CFLs are not disposed of properly.

    To make sure that its toxins don’t make its way to your source of drinking supply via landfill groundwater, always remember to exclude and not discard CFLs (whether broken or not) along with your other regular garbage. You can properly dispose of these bulbs by carefully wrapping them in a newspaper or any old packing material that you currently have. You could also recycle their metal and glass components if you want to test and bring out that creative side in you.

    Light Bulbs Have Hazardous Materials. We Can Dispose of Them!

    Light bulbs cannot be disposed in Ottawa simply by throwing them in the trash. They contain a variety of unsafe and even hazardous materials, and thus must be disposed of properly. If you’re moving, doing a renovation or just have lot of old, burnt out light bulbs collecting dust around the house, office or garage, those light bulbs need to go – clean and safe.

    • Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs
    • Incandescent light bulbs
    • LED light bulbs
    • Halogen light bulbs
    light bulb disposal in ottawa

    Clean & Safe Junk Removal in Ottawa

    Aren’t we just talking about light bulbs? How bad could be it?? It turns out, potentially very bad! CFL bulbs, for example, contain mercury – if dropped, they can shatter and spread dangerous chemicals around your home or office, leaving your family or employees exposed. Other bulbs contain a variety of materials that are less than desirable. Even the glass is unsafe if it breaks on the floor or, worse yet, in someone’s hand!

    Junk Ninja, a leader in Ottawa junk removal, has the experience and connections it takes to dispose of light bulbs and other waste that can be dangerous to handle. We safely dispose of light bulbs in Ottawa. No matter what your project may be, from renovation and construction to other cleanups, call on Ottawa’s junk removal pros for a clean, safe and thorough light bulb disposal in Ottawa.

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    Our Customers Love Our Ottawa Junk Removal Services

    I have used Junk Ninja twice in the last year and a half. Both times they were on time, professional and easy to work with. I called them Saturday in hopes for a Monday (Labor Day) pick up and was completely surprised they could do it!! I highly recommend their service and will definitely use them again in the future!

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    Fantastic Service . Guys showed up and did amazing job! . They were polite and professional. I would recommend to my friends in a heart beat. I shopped around for a while and overall they have the best prices per volume. Great company. They were really fast as well.

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    My case was a basement purge of 15 years of storage and neglect. This was a huge issue for me to the point I just could not deal with it so it kept accumulating. Finally decided it was time and cal and I was very glad I did .Amazing Companyu

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    I used Junk Ninja on November 30, 2019. They were on time. The staff was gracious and hard working. It is easier to part with your stuff when they give some to charities has well.

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