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    Experts in E-Waste Removal & Recycling Kitchener

    We offer E-waste removal services!

    KItchener-Waterloo has a great municipal recycling programs for paper and plastic items and also with the introduction of Green Bins we are greatly reducing the rate at which our landfills are being used.

    There are, however, some items that are a bit harder to recycle because they are no longer accepted for curbside pickup. These items include appliances, scrap metal, and electronic waste. These items are not accepted because they contain hazardous and toxic materials that will contaminate both soil and ground water. As a preventative measure, the Halton Hills now expects residents to recycle these items on their own.

    Electronic waste (also known as e-waste) is no longer accepted with your regular garbage pickup and is a rapidly growing concern. E-waste accounts for approximately 3000 tonnes (300 garbage trucks) of waste added to the landfill each year. Electronic items that are not accepted in municipal waste collection include: televisions, desktop computers, monitors, laptops, printers, copiers, keyboards, DVD players, and more. As a green company, Junk Ninja proudly states that all of the e-waste we collect is recycled and will not end up in a local landfill site.

    Junk Ninja is proud to support e-waste removal and electronic recycling initiatives around Ottawa. We are also part of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program which is a not-for-profit organization that attempts to fulfill the obligations set in Ontario’s Waste Diversion Act 2009. This program ensures that all businesses taking part support environmentally responsible electronic recycling practices.

    Junk Ninja’s full-service e-waste removal will happily haul and properly dispose of the following e-waste items:

    • Monitors
    • Towers
    • Printers
    • Copiers
    • Fax machines
    • Televisions
    • IT Equipment
    • Scanners
    • Photocopiers
    • Cell phones
    • Stereo’s
    • Accessories
    • Cables, wires and more

    What We Do

    Junk Ninja is a Full-Service Junk removal company. We send two strong team members into your home or business to remove anything!

    • We haul away your unwanted items
    • Uniformed professional Junk Ninja team members
    • Safe disposal, recycling, or donation of items
    • We even sweep up before we leave!
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