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Kick Off a Redesign with Furniture Removal

Kick Off a Redesign with Furniture Removal

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Blog, Garbage Removal, Junk Removal, Ottawa

Ottawa Appliance Removal The ultimate Guide

Are you hesitating to redecorate a space in your home because you dread the process of furniture removal? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people sigh as they look at an outdated sofa, a bedroom set that hearkens back to the 1970s, or an entertainment centre that is anything but entertaining. Heavy, difficult to move and even more difficult to transport to a recycling centre or donation site, these pieces can make us live in settings we dislike. Yet, skilled furniture removal from Junk Ninja is available to address this issue.


The Benefits of Skilled Furniture Removal

While the pain or risks that skilled furniture removal will spare your back and overall health and well being are often enough to cue people to call. There are some profound environmental and even societal benefits to well-done furniture removal. Just consider:

  • That sofa might be ugly, but does it actually need to go to a landfill? A sofa that is without a lot of tears or damage is also a good candidate for donation to a charitable group or organization. Whether it goes to a store for charitable resale or to a well-deserving organization, the Junk Ninja furniture removal process begins with avoiding the landfill if at all possible.
  • Reuse or recycle – If the items are unable to be used as they are, we don’t just give up and head to the landfill. Instead, we have relationships with green firms just as committed to the environment as we are. Whatever sort of furniture it is, it is likely full of materials that can be reused, repurposed and recycled. Making something new out of your unwanted items is just one way everyone benefits from our type of furniture removal.
  • Raw materials – At the very end of the process, there are materials like the raw lumber or odds and ends of wood scraps that can remain from almost any sort of furnishing. Why would that be tossed into a landfill when there are green processors eager to chip up the wood or take leftover upholstery or fill?

The benefit of hiring skilled furniture removal services apply across the board. Charitable groups, consumers eager to find good deals, the environment and you all receive benefits from this one simple choice. It does not matter if it is an old bed and mattress set, frame and headboard, or half of a household full of old and unwanted pieces. Our goal is to ensure that little to none of it ends up rotting in a landfill; there just is no need for that.

We are happy to retrieve couches, sofas, chairs and recliners, stools, cabinets and cupboards, entertainment units, dressers, armoires, desks, tables of all kinds, and even lamps. Don’t wait another month to begin redesigning your home. We have all of the services you need to quickly clear the space and without any worries about waste. Just focus on making your interiors all that you desire, and we’ll handle the rest!

With our professional junk removal services, we are proud to serve the Ottawa area. Contact Junk Ninja For Following Junk Removal Services:- 

  Junk Removal                                             ➤  E-Waste Removal    

  Appliance Removal                                ➤  Hot Tube Removal

  Furniture Removal                                   ➤  Yard Waste Removal

  Renovation Cleanup                              ➤  Deck Removal

  Hoarding Cleanup                                   ➤  E-State Cleanup

  Light Bulb Disposal                                 

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