The Spring Thaw: Honey, we need Junk Removal

The Spring Thaw: Honey, we need Junk Removal

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Blog

Ah, spring time! The best time of year for junk removal! Winter loosens its grasp on our body and mind and the sun warms our heart and motivates us to prepare our bodies for beach weather. It’s time to open the windows and doors and do a good spring clean inside your home. Like clockwork, everyone this time of year is feeling motivated to go through their junk drawers, their garage or attic, re-arrange their living space and discover any unwanted furniture or outdated appliances. Junk removal is a convenient service that closes the deal on your spring clean.

You’ve already done the hard work of determining what you want to keep and want you want to throw away. We’ll send two clean, uniformed, junk removal professionals to remove your unwanted materials from where ever the materials are located. We’ll go wherever the junk takes us!

Don’t feel guilty about those useful (but never used) items in your junk drawer. We can donate them to a local charity for you. There’s no need to hold onto your clutter when someone else will benefit from it! We get tons of calls this time of year from our clients who are cleaning inside their homes and just as they are feeling really good about what they’ve accomplished inside their homes, walk outside and see the snow thaw revealing last year’s junk.

When you have a large yard and not a lot of free time, using a junk removal service is a life-saver. We’ll walk around your property and rake up or remove the debris on your lawn. We also help out property managers who need junk removed fast when the snow thaws. Litterbugs do not hibernate in the winter and a lot of waste is produced over the winter months that must be cleaned when the snow thaws.

Our professionals don’t complain about the paper coffee cups or plastic food containers strewed across the land… we’re happy to get rid of it and see your gleaming face when your property is clean!

Junk removal benefits anyone in any particular situation. The most popular spring cleaning projects Junk Ninja assists with is garage, basement and shed cleanouts. It’s amusing to think that we all throw our junk into a particular room and forget about it till it comes time to do a solid spring clean. We are all guilty of having a junk room or something as small as a junk drawer. We all have one but it doesn’t have to be that way. Choose Junk Ninja for your spring cleaning needs!


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