Junk Removal Mishap-Whoops

Junk Removal Mishap-Whoops

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Blog, Junk Removal, Ottawa

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Where’s my fridge??

The Day I Stole 28 Lunches

My name is Gordon, and I’ve worked for the capital of junk for about three years as a driver. Every day, every job is a different adventure and that’s why I love my job so much.  A few months back,  we had a job that has really stuck in my head as one of my more memorable jobs. 

It was the third job the day on the schedule and seemed very simple: a single fridge pick up from an elementary school. Easy I thought, and no stairs which were a bonus. When my partner and I arrived we went to the front door of the school and the nice lady at the front desk called us to drive around back and someone will meet us at the doors. So, we hopped back in our truck drove around the building, drove the truck up to the back doors got our truck ready for loading. A very kind lady opened the doors and we walked in the school. She dropped us to her classroom where there was a fridge that she indicated that it was no longer working and she wanted us to take it away. Just a regular routine job I thought.  My partner and I put on the gloves proceeded to tie up the cord on the fridge and take it out to the truck. As we loaded up, the teacher came out said thank you very much and we went on our way. Oh, I should mention that our previous jobs were also fridges so at this point our truck was getting fairly full and we headed to our local recycling station which was only about 10 minutes away. On the way to the recycling depot, my partner said “Hey, did you see in that fridge? Looks like there are lots of good snacks!”

I didn’t respond but I was getting very hungry. 

When we arrived at our recycling depot, we opened the back doors in the truck and unloaded all of our fridges for recycling. At this point my hunger and curiosity we’re getting the best of me so, I opened the fridge. Indeed, it was full of lots of delicious-looking snacks and to my surprise, the fridge was so cold. So, yes, you guessed it I grabbed a few snacks out of the fridge closed up the truck doors and got back on the cab. Looking back I do realize it sounds kind of gross to be taking food out of the fridge and eating it but it was a long shift and it was a very nice school.

About 10 minutes later my partner and I were driving down HuntClub Road enjoying cheese strings and yogurt pops, we got a call from our head office. Apparently, the teacher at the school had shown us to the wrong classroom and that at 11 o’clock in the morning we wandered off with and 24 lunches from a kindergarten class.

Obviously, at this point for safety reasons and sanitary reasons, we couldn’t bring the children’s lunches back but, we did feel terrible. A lesson I learned is that, if the fridge you’re picking up is full of delicious snacks, double-check with the teacher if that’s the right fridge to get rid of.


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