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Is Your Old Cellphone Damaging The Environment? Why Proper E-Waste Removal Is So Important

Is Your Old Cellphone Damaging The Environment? Why Proper E-Waste Removal Is So Important

by | May 29, 2014 | Blog

Ottawa Appliance Removal The ultimate Guide

In the last few decades, technology has begun to advance faster than it ever has before: with the invention of things like smartphones, we now have the ability to carry in our pockets a multitude of tools, which, before, would have filled an entire shopping cart. And with the speed that these technologies – cellphones, computers, tablets and TVs – are upgrading these days, they are being constantly replaced with newer and better versions of themselves.

But what happens to all of those old, unwanted devices? Old pieces of technology, including appliances like microwaves, refrigerators and smoke-detectors, become electronic waste, or e-waste, for short.

E-waste cannot be sent to a landfill with regular garbage: because of the dangerous materials and chemicals that can be used to make them, proper e-waste removal is key to ensuring that those substances don’t end up in our drinking water or harming the environment.

Some professional junk removal companies have e-waste removal recycling practises, and are your best bet in making sure your devices are disposed of safely.

Here are just a few of the toxic materials and chemicals that can be found in standard e-waste:

Lead. While lead was a common material found in things like household paints a few decades ago, we now have a better understanding of just how dangerous it can actually be. This toxic metal can be found in things like batteries and computer screens, which is why it’s best to let professional junk removal companies deal with their disposal.

Mercury. Even though it’s one of the most dangerous heavy metals, mercury is also one of the most widely-used substances in technology. It can be found most commonly in household light-bulbs. If not disposed of properly, light-bulbs can be crushed in landfills and spill their mercury into the ground. Dedicated e-waste removal sites can help protect against the leaching of mercury and the possible contamination of drinking water.

Arsenic. This known carcinogen can be found in many LED lights, which are becoming more and more popular. LED lights are used for car headlights, household lights and even Christmas lights. Having a junk removal company dispose of these for you will keep this deadly substance out of the landfills.

Keeping e-waste out of standard landfills by using proper e-waste removal sites is paramount in keeping dangerous chemicals out of the landfills, and subsequently, the environment. Professional junk removal companies are experts in the safe recycling practises that can make the difference in preserving the planet.

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