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How Ottawa Is Changing the Waste Management Game

How Ottawa Is Changing the Waste Management Game

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Blog, Garbage Removal, Junk Removal, Ottawa, Recycling

Ottawa Appliance Removal The ultimate Guide

At Junk Ninja, we are Ottawa junk removal experts committed to keeping your home and the environment clean.

Fortunately, the capital city has similar goals and is making it increasingly easier to be eco-conscious and make educated decisions when it comes to the discarding of your unwanted items. Ottawa has a variety of programs, initiatives and events implemented that work towards making waste management easy, and environmentally friendly.

The city’s programs are helping residents think twice about just tossing things into the garbage without care for the repercussions. The hazards of leaking chemicals and other contaminants are being made apparent and are hard for residents to ignore.

As professional waste disposal experts in Ottawa, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to know how to get rid of trickier items like appliances that can be dangerous when not disposed of properly.

Of course, when it comes to discarding of your unwanted items responsibly, the first step is understanding your options. This is why we are happy to provide appliance removal and e-waste removal among other junk removal services.

The Junk Ninja team is also an enthusiastic participant in Ottawa’s eco-friendly recycling and waste management efforts. As a green company, we are dedicated to keeping the city clean when we collect your things and strive to ensure that all your stuff is diverted appropriately.

Whether you are looking for e-waste removal, yard waste-removal, appliance removal or television recycling in Ottawa, we are here to help you. Effective waste management requires reliable resources, and we are proud to be the city’s source for environmentally friendly junk removal.

These are Ottawa’s main efforts in place to hold residents, retailers and waste companies accountable for environmentally friendly waste-management practices:

Give Away Weekend

Ottawa’s annual Give Away Weekend invites everyone to put unwanted items on their curb so that neighbours and other people in the neighbourhood can shop around and claim any hidden treasures.

This is a great way to get some stuff off of your hands! You can find your precious things a new home even and even pick up a couple of treasures for yourself while you’re at it. The event is a donating effort that the entire community can partake in.

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Ottawa Collection Calendar App

The City of Ottawa has its own app that will notify you the night before your neighbourhood’s garbage collection day. It even accounts for statutory holidays too! The app is available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play, making it easy for anyone to download.

Sometimes remembering to put out your garbage and recycling can be a struggle, but this app makes it easier to be responsible with your trash.

The app has earned a 5-star review from most users. The great thing about this app is that it holds you accountable for responsibly discarding your trash. It will even bring to your attention when additional things are collected, like yard trimmings for example.

Waste Explorer

The thing about getting rid of your stuff is that if it’s not as easy as putting it out on the curb, people give up and hold on to their things — or worse, just toss them in with the rest of their garbage. Thanks to Ottawa’s Waste Explorer, it’s easy to identify what to do with your unwanted items to ensure they are safely discarded of.

Similarly, Junk Ninja has a recycling guide to make sure you know exactly where to bring what, to make sure you are keeping the environment clean when you get rid get rid of your old electronic devices or any other unwanted items.

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GLAD Cleaning the Capital

This citywide cleanup happens annually every spring and fall. All you have to do is register to join the community initiative that encourages Ottawa residents to come together to keep the city clean and environmentally friendly.

As part of the program, residents form teams and pick a project to register whether it be litter pickup or graffiti removal. This is actually a great way for high school students to get involved in the community and get their volunteer hours in!

2019 will mark the event’s 26th year. Over a million volunteers have been involved in the initiative since 2006, and together have completed over 20,000 cleanup projects. The campaign is not-for-profit and is funded by generous sponsors.

Take it Back!

Ottawa’s Take it Back! Program is a way for residents to get unwanted items taken off of their hands. The program connects residents who want to get rid of their unneeded stuff with businesses and organizations in the city. Residents are able to identify through the initiative what businesses will take back their items when they no longer have a use for them.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the program has helped prevent 500 tonnes of materials from getting sent to landfills. As of now, the city has over 600 retailers partnered with the program that will take 130 different household waste products that aren’t accepted for curbside pickup.

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Hydro Ottawa & Junk Ninja’s Light Bulb & Fixture Recycling Program

In partnership with a full-service junk removal company (spoiler: it’s us), Hydro Ottawa developed a program to make it easier to divert and recycle bulbs, fixtures and ballasts.

The company is committed to electricity distribution, renewable energy generation, energy conservation and management services, making it the perfect partner for this project.

It’s key to have programs like this in place to make it a lot easier for residents to properly discard of things that can become hazardous like e-waste. There’s a lot to love about this Ottawa e-waste program.

In case you didn’t know, Junk Ninja will pick up your light bulbs and fixtures to dispose of them properly. We even have a recycling centre where we can bring your e-waste and sort through it to ensure everything is recycled adequately!

Waste Watch Ottawa

This organization is dedicated to streamlining the city’s waste management practices to keep the city and its residents green. Waste Watch Canada actively supports the creation of programs that will improve waste diversion in Ottawa.

Household Hazardous Waste Depots

Sometimes all you have to do to encourage environmentally friendly practices is to make it easy for people to help the environment! The City of Ottawa hosts a handful of one-day household Hazardous Waste Depots so that residents can drop off any and all of their hazardous waste.

Programs like these make it a lot easier for residents to get rid of their hazardous materials. Materials that are accepted at these depots are:

–  Pharmaceuticals

– Paints and coatings

– Aerosol containers

– Fire extinguishers

– Fertilizers and pesticides

– Mercury switches/thermometers

– Needles and syringes

– Propane cylinders

– Disinfectants

– Fluorescent bulbs/tubes

– Oven and window cleaners

– Pool chemicals

– Gasoline

If you want to know when the next one-day Hazardous Waste Depot is, visit the City of Ottawa website. The site is updated as soon as information is made available. Remember, none of these materials should ever be put on the curb, in your garbage, or down your sink.

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Environmentally Friendly Junk Removal

We are proud to be Ottawa’s source for environmentally friendly junk removal. When we collect your stuff, you can rest easy knowing that we will bring it all to our recycling centre where we can sort through it to make sure everything gets diverted to the right place.

Our process ensures that everything gets recycled, reused or donated to one of the many charities we work with, including the Ottawa Mission and the Ottawa Neighbourhood Services.

We are also involved in programs like our light bulb recycling initiative in partnership with Ottawa Hydro, as well as the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program. The not-for-profit organization is committed to holding companies accountable for their environmental practices in accordance with the 2009 Ontario Waste Diversion Act.

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