Hoarding Cleanup: Not Just Junk Removal, It’s About Health, Safety & Resale Value

Hoarding Cleanup: Not Just Junk Removal, It’s About Health, Safety & Resale Value

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Do you know someone who is a hoarder?

If you’ve ever been a home that was overwhelmed with hoarding, you know the toll it can take not only on the house but on the people who live in it. Even seeing hoarding news stories, documentaries or reality shows on TV is enough to make one feel uncomfortable.

Whether that hoarder in your life is a friend or colleague who lives on their own, or they’re a family member who lives with you, you probably would like to help. The good news is that you can!

Hoarding cleanup services are a very effective way to curtail the hoarder’s habits and – even better – to restore the home to proper living conditions. With hoarding cleanup, you can even transform the home into an entirely new feeling!

Hoarding is a Disorder That Affects the Hoarder & Their Family


hoarding mess by hoarder in homeThe DSM-5 describes hoarding as the “persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value.”

If you’ve ever been witness to hoarding, you know all to well how true this is.

Hoarding is rarely a collection of valuable items in pristine condition. It usually manifests itself more like an “indoor junkyard.” A house that has been taken over by a hoarder:

  • is cluttered with random items
  • may be full to brim or overflowing
  • poses safety hazards
    • fire hazard
    • tripping hazard
    • asphyxiation hazard for kids
    • hazardous materials / bio contaminants
  • looks terrible
  • emits a stale or foul odour
  • has a lower resale value
  • affects all inhabitants negatively

These and many other negatives are reason enough to stop the hoarding and clean up the house.

But it’s not that simple.

Hoarding Cleanup Takes Outside Influence – Even an Intervention


hoarding cleanup junk removalIt would be great if hoarding cleanup were as easy as picking up the phone and giving Junk Ninja a call.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ll be happy to come out to your house and give you a quote for hoarding cleanup and junk removal in Ottawa, Kingston or Brockville.

Chances are, however, the hoarder in your life does not recognize that his or her behaviour is unhealthy for everyone involved. The hoarder will likely be extremely resistant to any disruption to the status quo.

The idea of hoarding cleanup, in other words, will probably seem completely alien & highly objectionable to the hoarder.

That’s why your best strategy to initiate the hoarding cleanup process may be to approach the hoarder with an organized list of concerns. When done in a caring way with family and/or friends, this is known as an intervention.

It’s not unlike the intervention people have for a loved one with an addiction. And in many ways, hoarding can seem like an addiction in that the person is in denial about their actions (e.g. drug use or hoarding) and doesn’t actively take steps to change the behaviour on their own (e.g. recovery program or hoarding cleanup).

With care and a good plan, the hoarder can be convinced that hoarding cleanup is what’s best for everyone.

The Hoarding Cleanup Process

hoarding cleanup deep cleanOnce the hoarder is onboard with the hoarding cleanup (or he/she has left town, although we don’t normally recommend deception), the hoarding cleanup and junk removal process can begin.

We can visit your home and property to assess the hoarding situation and give you a quote for the cost of hoarding cleanup as well as hauling junk away.

The cost will depend on the amount of junk that is being cleaned up, as well as the conditions of the home & property (if there are safety factors we’ll take that into account as well, such as hazmat suits, extra time for precautions, etc.).

Just let us know what needs to go and we’ll take that junk away.

We’ll also work with you to clean up the mess. More than de-cluttering, the hoarding cleanup process means significant (sometimes massive) junk removal as well as a deep clean and organization of the house.

Then you’re well positioned to begin anew, living in a clean home, on your way to a sense of normalcy.

Junk Ninja Does Hoarding Cleanup in Ottawa, Kingston & Brockville


family playing in clean house after hoarding cleanupWe want you to be happy and healthy in your home.

If you’re in a hoarding situation or know somebody who is, hope is available in the form of hoarding cleanup.

Junk Ninja has executed numerous hoarding cleanups in and around Ottawa & Eastern Ontario. We’ve worked with hoarders and their families to clean up the mess, haul the junk away and restore order to the home.

Contact Junk Ninja today to get started on the road to recovery with our hoarding cleanup in Ottawa, Kingston or Brockville.


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