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Here’s What to Do Before & After You Spruce Up Your Garden for Summer

Here’s What to Do Before & After You Spruce Up Your Garden for Summer

by | May 16, 2019 | Blog, Junk Removal, Kitchener, Moving, Ocean Waste, Ottawa, Recycling, Seasonal

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The sun is shining, and it’s time for your garden to shine too! So many take great pride in their gardens whether they have a backyard full of luscious greenery or small shrubbery in their front yard.

That said, sprucing up your yard isn’t just about planting flowers and produce – it’s about having a plan for your garden waste, and giving your plants, fruits and vegetables what they need to grow healthy and efficiently.

The best thing you can do for your garden is to take the time to prepare before you even start gardening. This involves getting your garden ready for planting by raking leaves, removing weeds and more. After this cleanup and maintenance, you can plant whatever your heart desires.

The thing is, garden maintenance and clean-up will leave you with a lot of yard waste, and this waste can’t be left curbside and is only picked up occasionally by the city. Every city has regulations on what constitutes as yard waste, how you need to package your yard waste, size and weight limitations, and more.

This is why it’s essential to have a before and after plan when you decide your garden needs some TLC. At Junk Ninja, we offer yard waste removal services to help you get rid of all that debris and other waste without having to sort through it or being limited by restrictions.

Tis the season to get your garden ready to flourish, but before you put a plan into action there are things you’ll need to prepare for:

summer garden tips


Before: Getting Prepared

Chances are, your garden is still recovering from our harsh winter — so you’re going to want to make sure you get your yard into good shape before you start adding anything to it.

Here’s what you’re going to need to do before you even think of planting:

Clean up Those Leaves

Leaves are pretty, but they quickly become a nuisance when they blanket your garden. Before you start your planting, be sure to gather all your leaves so that your garden is an empty canvas. This will help you to better gauge the space you have so you can decide where you want to plant what.

You can gather your leaves by raking, using a leaf blower or a lawn mower — just make sure all your leaves go in a compost pile. Don’t sentence them to a garbage bag or burn pile.

You can use your leaves in your compost, turn them into mulch, or use them as fireplace fuel! If you just have too many leaves to handle (it happens), we’ll take them away as part of your yard waste.

Get Rid of Dead Branches

Dead branches take the life out of your trees so to speak, which is why it’s a good idea to get rid of them. You can always toss these branches into your green bin or wastebasket — just remember that if you are expecting city pick up, there are size and weight restrictions to what your city will collect.

A full-service junk removal company will be happy to pick up any remnants from your pruning or trimming.

summer garden tips

Get Smart About Your Compost

There’s a reason why, according to Statistics Canada, 63 percent of Canadian households composted their yard waste in 2011. Composting is an easy way to deal with your yard waste, and it’s good for the environment!

At Junk Ninja, we are all about keeping things environmentally friend. As a green company, we are part of various environmental initiatives and strive to make it easy for others to be eco-conscious when they are getting rid of their things.

If you’re interested in our various initiatives, feel free to learn about our environmental efforts; not only do we partake in programs, but we pride ourselves in our environmentally responsible junk removal practices.

When it comes to the environment, every little thing counts — which is why when you regularly upkeep your garden, getting smart about your compost can go a long way!

compost tips


Make Your Own Compost: Before tossing material away, consider if it can be used to make compost for your continuous gardening efforts. After all, if you’re getting your garden ready for summer, you are going to need more compost to maintain it over the season.

Materials you can use in your compost include:

summer garden tips and tricks

According to Better Homes & Gardens, you’re going to want to refrain from using any dairy, weeds, animal feces or dead plant materials in your compost. You’ll also want to stay away from contributing anything containing fat, oil or grease to the mix.

Use Your Resources: You probably didn’t know that since 1995 Starbucks has had their Grounds for your Garden initiative! This program provides customers with complimentary bags of used coffee grounds to use in their garden since these grinds enrich the soil. It’s a win-win! You don’t have to pay, and you are utilizing a product that could go to waste.

After: Yard Waste Removal

When you’re done with your gardening efforts, you will likely be left with a lot of material and waste to get rid of! Here’s how to handle the clean-up:

Use Your Green Bin

Stick your yard waste in your green bin! There are various green bin initiatives around Canada, but Ottawa implemented its green bin program back in 2010. With this program, your green bin is collected on a weekly basis all year round.

Sort Your Waste

When you collect the waste in your garden after your big clean up, be sure to sort through it. After all, if you want to have it picked up by your city, there are regulations.

In Ottawa, for example, you need to use compostable paper yard waste bags, tie branches, and ensure your waste doesn’t exceed a certain weight. The City of Ottawa has a comprehensive list of their rules and regulations when it comes to yard waste.

In addition to city pickup, you can also utilize our yard waste removal services — be sure to see what we take and then plan ahead to have us remove your yard waste!

Avoid Garden Waste Dumping

We’re so happy for you that your garden looks great, but what are you going to do with all the waste that you’ve accumulated? One thing is for sure — don’t carelessly dump your garden e-waste. This waste often contains seeds and parts of pants that are still growing. These materials pose a fire hazard and can be better used as compost.

Give Back What You Don’t Use

Various businesses will take some of your yard materials, but the most notable one is Loblaws. Loblaws is happy to take back any tags, trays or back pots regardless if you purchased the material there or not.

According to The Star, Loblaws takes these pots and other materials to their facilities where they melt them to make new ones! This is both resourceful and environmentally friendly.

Yard Waste Removal

You do have the option to have your yard waste picked up by your city, but this pick up comes with a lot of rules and regulations — which usually results in not all of your yard waste getting picked up. Because of weight and size limitations, a lot of the time it’s easier to get the help of a junk removal company who can provide you with seamless yard-waste removal services.

At Junk Ninja, we provide professional yard waste removal services to make your gardening process that much easier. You can trust us to do all the work of sorting through your yard waste and making sure everything is diverted properly.

Junk Ninja’s Yard Waste Removal Services

Junk Ninja has been in the junk removal business for over a decade. We are equipped with experience, skills and resources that make us your one stop shop for junk removal. Whether you need e-waste removal, furniture removal or yard-waste removal, we are here to help.

As an Ottawa based company, we are proud to serve a wide variety of areas surrounding the city, not limited to Toronto, Cambridge, Kingston and Waterloo.

When you enlist our help for yard waste removal, we make the process quick and easy. All you have to do is book an appointment, and we’ll provide you with a two-hour time slot. We’ll be sure to give you a courtesy call 15 minutes before we arrive to make sure you’re ready for us.

When we get to you, we’ll present you with a complimentary quote based on how much room your yard waste will take up in our truck. Once you give us the green light, we’ll haul the waste away and make sure it is managed responsibly.

If you are planning to do a big landscape upgrade to get your garden ready for summer, be sure to get in touch with us so we can make the process of getting rid of any resulting yard waste as easy as possible.

With our professional junk removal services, we are proud to serve the Ottawa area. Contact Junk Ninja for the following Junk Removal Services:- 


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