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Your Grandkids Don’t Want Your Junk!

Your Grandkids Don’t Want Your Junk!

by | May 8, 2017 | Decluttering, Junk Removal

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Our customers tell us that they are finally ready to part with their children’s old toys, cribs, and clothing. Now that their adult kids are graduating university, getting married, or having kids of their own, they see an opportunity to unload that “extra stuff” onto that family member. Most of the time, their next of kin politely decline and prefer to obtain their own. Out of guilt or nostalgia, our customers often want to keep holding onto these unwanted items for their grandkids to use one day. At this point, these items are outdated and not what grandkids want in their dorm room or first apartment. The longer you hold onto an item, the harder it is to part with it, in spite of what family members are telling you about its true value or utility.

So, what to do with these unwanted items? Here are some alternatives.


If you have a mountain of gently used items that nobody in your family wants, donating to thrift stores and shelters would be ideal. The Ottawa area boasts several Value Village, St. Vincent De Paul, and Salvation Army locations, which are extensively picked through by those in need on a budget on a regular basis. The Ottawa Mission, Shepherds of Good Hope, and other shelters are also more than willing to accept all sorts of donated items for those in the direst of need. Check the specific rules of each organization in advance to verify that they will accept what you want to unload.

Yard Sales

Ideal for those in possession of a large collection of unwanted furniture, clothing, and other items, yard sales are great for unloading what your grandchildren won’t take off your hands. On top of this, you can make a considerable chunk of change from selling, which is helpful if you’re low on funds but overwhelmed with junk. People typically stop out of curiosity more for larger collections of objects with more variety, so don’t be shy about filling that driveway and yard with goodies for strangers to ogle at and haggle over.

Schedule a Pick-Up From a Junk Removal Company

If all else fails and you simply want everything gone yesterday, calling a junk removal company will get the job done. Junk Ninja specializes in junk removal services at scheduled pick-up times (which we strictly adhere to), and we’ll sort through everything collected to ensure as many items as possible are donated to the most appropriate charities. We pick up almost anything, with no additional fees. You won’t even have to fret over dragging everything to the curb, as we’ll take care of it.

Getting rid of unwanted items can be embarrassing or frustrating for many. After decades of hanging on to some things, it’s understandable to look back and laugh at the guilt stemming from good intentions associated with what you’ve accumulated. Thankfully, you’re not short on solutions. If you’re looking for professional junk removal services in Ottawa, contact Junk Ninja today so we can help you out!

With our professional junk removal services, we are proud to serve the Ottawa area. Contact Junk Ninja For Following Junk Removal Services:- 

  Junk Removal                                             ➤  E-Waste Removal    

  Appliance Removal                                ➤  Hot Tube Removal

  Furniture Removal                                   ➤  Yard Waste Removal

  Renovation Cleanup                              ➤  Deck Removal

  Hoarding Cleanup                                   ➤  E-State Cleanup

  Light Bulb Disposal                                  

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