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Earth Day Ottawa

Earth Day Ottawa

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Blog, Seasonal

Ottawa Appliance Removal The ultimate Guide

With the spring finally in the air, it is time to celebrate Earth Day 2014. Junk Ninja works by a very green policy, diverting over 75% of the junk we remove from our city landfills.  In 2013 Junk Ninja became the first carbon neutral fleet in Ottawa, planting over 400 vigorous seedlings with the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation to offset our carbon emission.  As a locally owned and operated company we take pride in the city we work and live in and feel it necessary to do our part to keep it clean and beautiful.  Here are a couple of ideas for you to do this Earth Day to help our planet.

EAT – who knew that changing our diet could help the planet?  With an ever growing demand for food supplies, the way we consume food is a growing concern for our planet.  An easy way to help reduce the strain is to eat local foods, from our markets (there are several in Ottawa) to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that are created from the shipping of products from the US or overseas.

GROW – something simple like having plants in your home, helps reduce the air pollutants that we are breathing on a daily basis, on a larger scale The Rideau valley Conservation each spring have a tree planting event that you can become a part of.  Plant trees just outside Ottawa in order to keep our air clean!

TRANSFORM – In 2008 Canadians produced nearly 13 million tonnes of waste, but diverted over 4.4 million tonnes by recycling ( We have all heard of the 3 R’s…Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, as a full service junk removal company we see a lot of junk that people get rid of that can be reused by someone else or repurposed into something new or recycled to avoid our landfills.  Pinterest is a great place to find fun ideas for upcycling.

Don’t forget that every little bit helps!

Discover new perspectives 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home.

With our professional junk removal services, we are proud to serve the Ottawa area. Contact Junk Ninja For Following Junk Removal Services:- 

  Junk Removal                                             ➤  E-Waste Removal    

  Appliance Removal                                ➤  Hot Tube Removal

  Furniture Removal                                   ➤  Yard Waste Removal

  Renovation Cleanup                              ➤  Deck Removal

  Hoarding Cleanup                                   ➤  E-State Cleanup

  Light Bulb Disposal                                  

Would you like to know more about the Ottawa Recycling, Removal, and Disposal Guide and also want to contribute to the fight against climate change? Find out what can be recycled in Ottawa, where to find recycling depots, and how to reduce your waste in this helpful guide.You can also check our Complete Guide to Junk Removal In Ottawa.



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