What Is Your E-Waste Removal Strategy, Ottawa?

What Is Your E-Waste Removal Strategy, Ottawa?

by | Feb 12, 2015 | Blog

So it’s already time to begin spring cleaning around the home or office!

For some, uncluttering can be a fun and therapeutic activity, especially when you consider all the home or office space you will have left afterwards for new furniture, accessories or electronics.

Or perhaps you are a homeowner and you are finally ready to get rid of that old television and VCR that has been collecting dust for ages!

When it comes to electronic devices such as computers, televisions or telephones, going out with the old and in with the new can be a positively refreshing feeling. But one important question remains: do you how to safely discard your old electronic equipment?

If you live in Ottawa and are planning to leave your electronic waste (known as e-waste removal) on the curb, you will likely notice it will not be picked-up by the garbage collection truck. Why?

Simply put, the City of Ottawa has developed an e-waste removal policy that empowers its citizens to dispose effectively of their old electronic equipment so that toxic materials they might contain cease to contaminate landfills, and so that precious metals used in their fabrication get a chance to be recycled for the benefit of our environment.

Indeed, who knew some electronic parts were made of extremely sought after metals such as gold and silver? I certainly would not like to see those end up in a landfill.

Luckily, living in a major city means there are many ways you can recycle your e-waste today.

One option would be to consult the City of Ottawa website to find out where you can drop off your e-waste, or to find commercial retailers who offer e-waste recycling as a service.

However, if you would like a personalized residential or commercial service for your e-waste removal, your best option is to contact a waste removal company who will come to your door and pick up your e-waste, as well as dispose of it as regulations require.

For a larger clean-up job, why not look into companies that offer services such as a dumpster rental in Ottawa? The most reputable companies will offer their clients a simple way to rent a dumpster for a set period, and will even take care of removing the dumpster once you are done.


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