Don’t Burn Your Junk!

Don’t Burn Your Junk!

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Blog, Eco-Friendly, Garbage Removal, Junk Removal

If you’ve ever been to a backyard bonfire in the country, you know that junk is flammable. Whether it’s wooden furniture, linens, beds, couches – especially out in the country, there’s an old-school mentality to burn whatever you can and recycle the rest. Just because it’s flammable doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to burn it! Junk emits toxic fumes and black smoke that is damaging to the environment and the lungs of anyone unfortunate enough to breathe it in. The only thing anyone should be burning is un-treated wood or brush debris, and only if you live in the country, have a permit, and there is no fire ban on at the time.

There’s got to be a better way! When you’re clearing out the garage or doing a big reno project, think twice before you finish it off with a junk bonfire. If you aren’t supposed to burn it, how can you get rid of your junk?

Don’t Leave It On the Corner for Free

Hate to break it to you, but even if a passerby is taken by that gently used mattress or mildly stained recliner chair on the corner, will they even have the means to haul it home? Worst of all, a bad storm or unexpected snowfall could turn your gently used treasures into sopping eyesores in a flash.

Don’t Bury It In the Backyard

Nevermind the hours it would take dig the hole, and forget what you would do with the leftover soil. This is just a disaster solution that could have the same environmental consequences as burning it, depending on the materials and how they decompose. Plus, it’s a game of minesweeper trying to avoid water lines and gas lines in the yard. How confident are you?

Don’t Dump It Illegally

In the City of Ottawa, it is illegal to dump junk on public or private property that doesn’t belong to you. You could face a fine or even charges. Even on your own property, the City may require you to pay clean-up fees if you dump junk.

The Solution: Ottawa Junk Removal

Give your lungs a break and save yourself the trouble with a simple call to Junk Ninja for stress-free, no-hassle junk removal.

We can remove a full range of household junk including mattresses, furniture, old carpet, textiles, yard waste, construction junk, and much more. We offer curbside pickup or can pick up inside your home, including straight from the basement.

To maximize the chances of being able to donate or recycle items, please keep items indoors if the weather is poor. One rainy day on the curb can turn a perfectly salvageable item awaiting a new home into nothing but junk!

We serve the entire National Capital Region and surrounding areas, including Quebec. Our standard service area is a 30km around Ottawa and includes rural areas such as Carp, Osgoode, and Russell. Book an appointment today!


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