Deck Removal in Ottawa

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    Is your old deck looking tired? Have rotting boards?
    It’s time to tear down your old deck and build a new one.

    Deck removal service in
    Ottawa, Kingston, and Brockville.

    Is your deck looking shabby? Are you worried it is no longer safe and adding value to your home? Trust Junk Ninja to tear down and remove your deck! Our insured and highly trained deck removal specialists are able to tackle any deck removal job you can throw at them! From huge wooden decks and interlock patios, to concrete or interlock pavers, we can get it done. We do all the lifting, loading, and hauling.

    Our pricing is based on volume, so you only pay for the amount of space your broken down deck takes in our trucks. Because decks vary greatly in terms of shape and size, our employees will give you an on-site, no-obligation quote. If you like the number, then our crew will take your deck down and haul it away on the spot. It’s that simple!

    Tips to Prepare your deck removal

    Is a building permit required? Make sure to get a permit if you need one!

    Is there a gas line or power line built into the deck? You must disconnect both so we can remove your deck.

    With the deck removed, is it safe to exit the house? Completely block off any unsafe exits to prevent accidents.

    Why go with a professional
    deck removal service?

    Tearing down and hauling away is tough work – and requires equipment and a truck large enough to haul it away. For individuals or a small group of handymen, deck removal can take up to several days. First the deck has to be dismantled piece by piece, then loaded into a truck and hauled away, and then unloaded at a dump or recycling centre. This is no easy task, and can be extremely unpleasant and time consuming. Removing a deck on your own can also be extremely expensive! You can damage your home, costing you thousands in repairs. Junk Ninja’s team of deck removal experts are not only highly trained, but also insured so you don’t have to worry about costly accidents!

    Enter Junk Ninja – Ottawa’s premier deck removal service. Our deck and patio removal experts have seen it all, so they know how to handle every job. No matter how big your deck is or what it’s made of, Junk Ninja can take it down in no time. If you have a deck you want removed, book your appointment today! Our prices and service can’t be beat!

    We Tackle Junk Removal Jobs in 4 Simple Steps

    1. Book Online

    Use Junk Ninja's convenient online booking tool to choose the day, time and location for your deck demolition.

    2. Tell Us About the Job

    We've seen it all, we've hauled it all away before. Just show us your deck and we'll give a free quote.

    3. We Remove the Junk

    Our expert crews will be onsite right when you need us, demolishing and removing your deck in a safe & professional way.

    4. We Dispose Safely

    We care about the community & environment. We ensure everything we remove is disposed of cleanly & safely. We also donate useful items to charity.

    Junk Ninja Gives You a Free, No-Obligation Estimate Before Any Junk Removal

    Hover over the fractions to help picture what your estimated removal price is.
    Our trucks are 12ft (L) x 8ft (W) x 6ft (H).

    Estimated Price:


    Taxes are not included

    Estimated Price:


    Taxes are not included

    Estimated Price:


    Taxes are not included

    Estimated Price:


    Taxes are not included

    Estimated Price:


    Taxes are not included

    Estimated Price:


    Taxes are not included

    Our Customers Love Our Ottawa, Kingston, and Brockville Junk Removal Services

    I have used Junk Ninja twice in the last year and a half. Both times they were on time, professional and easy to work with. I called them Saturday in hopes for a Monday (Labor Day) pick up and was completely surprised they could do it!! I highly recommend their service and will definitely use them again in the future!

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    Fantastic Service . Guys showed up and did amazing job! . They were polite and professional. I would recommend to my friends in a heart beat. I shopped around for a while and overall they have the best prices per volume. Great company. They were really fast as well.

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    My case was a basement purge of 15 years of storage and neglect. This was a huge issue for me to the point I just could not deal with it so it kept accumulating. Finally decided it was time and cal and I was very glad I did .Amazing Companyu

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    I used Junk Ninja on November 30, 2019. They were on time. The staff was gracious and hard working. It is easier to part with your stuff when they give some to charities has well.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you remove interlock patios?
    Yes we do! Junk Ninja is happy to remove and haul away your interlock patios, or patios of any kind. Our experienced crew will make quick work of your patio, load it onto our trucks, and then take it away so you never have to worry about it again. Removing a patio is tough and laborious and isn’t something you want to have to take care of over the weekend. Junk Ninja makes interlock patio removal quick and easy so you can relax while we do the heavy lifting.
    Do I have to dismantle the deck myself before you haul it away?
    At Junk Ninja, we can dismantle and haul away your deck for you. The only thing you will have to do before we come to tear down and remove your deck is disconnect any gas or power lines that run to your deck. If you don’t have a power or gas hookup, then the only thing you have to do is call us or book your deck teardown and removal online and let our deck removal experts do their work. Our aim is to make the deck removal process as easy as possible for you. If you are planning on rebuilding your deck or just want to get rid of it, contact Junk Ninja today! We are Ottawa’s Deck Removal experts.
    When should I remove my deck?
    The most simple answer is you should remove your deck once it no longer looks good, or poses a safety risk. Decks can last for a wide range of times. A well-maintained cedar deck can last up to 40 years under ideal conditions, whereas decks made from pressure treated wood which are not well-maintained sometimes only last for 15 years or less. With our harsh Ottawa winters, Over time wood from decks warps, rots, and even splits. If you notice your deck has become damaged, warped, or rotting, it is likely time to knock it down. If you have a deck that has lived a good life and needs to be removed, contact Junk Ninja today! Our deck teardown experts will remove your deck, load it into our trucks, haul it away, and leave a clean yard behind them. We are Ottawa’s leading deck service and our goal is to make deck removal as quick and painless as possible for you.
    What parts of the deck have to be removed?

    Even though decks might appear to be simple constructions, in reality they are more complex than they appear. Decks often have to support more weight than our roofs, and as such are built with lots of support to ensure they are safe to use and don’t collapse under the snow during winter. When we tear down a deck in Ottawa, we have to remove the following parts:

    • Rails
    • Tread
    • Risers
    • Stringers
    • Baluters
    • Deck boards
    • Posts
    • Rail posts
    • Joists
    • Joist hangers
    • Bridging
    • Beams

    Because decks are surprisingly complex, they can be quite tough and time consuming to take down. Because we know your time is valuable, Junk Ninja is here to take down your deck and haul it away for you. Trust Ottawa’s leading deck removal service and schedule your deck tear down today!

    Do you clean up your mess after tearing down the deck?
    Junk Ninja is a full service deck removal company. That means not only do we physically dismantle your deck, load it onto our trucks, and haul it away – we also make sure to leave the area where your deck used to stand as clean as possible. This way you can get started on your new deck, growing a new lawn, new patio, or whatever else right away without having to clean up yourself or hire someone else to do the cleaning for you. If you have a deck you would like removed, call Junk Ninja today! We will take care of your deck for you and leave the area where it once stood clean and clear.

    Contact Us Today!

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    Georgetown Location

    162 Guelph Street, Suite 225 Georgetown, ON L7G 5X7


    Kingston Location

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    (613) 417-7010

    Kitchener Location

    23-500 Fairway Road South, Suite # 157
    Kitchener, ON N2C 1X3


    What is the fastest way to get rid of old furniture?
    If you have a lot of old furniture that you need to get rid of, the fastest way to get rid of it is to call Junk Ninja at (613) 825-0707 or book an appointment online. While we do appreciate getting at least a day’s notice for furniture removal, we can often make it with just a few hour’s notice. Whether you have a few pieces of furniture or an entire house’s worth halted away, Junk Ninja is your best choice for speedy removal.
    How much does it cost to get unwanted furniture hauled away?
    At Junk Ninja, we only charge you for how much space your junk takes in our trucks which measure 12ft (L) x 8ft (W) x 6ft (H). A single item the size of a refrigerator costs about $98 to get removed. ⅙ of our trucks costs about $199, while a full truck (which can fit a lot of junk) costs about $565. For more information, check out our pricing page.
    Are you able to remove large furniture? What about an entire home’s worth?

    So long as it can be carried by two of our Junk Removal Experts we can haul it away. This includes kitchen cabinets, dressers, beds, bed frames, chairs, tables, drawers, entertainment systems, home bars, bookcases and pretty much any other piece of furniture you can think of. Our trucks can fit a lot of junk in them, but in the event that you have more junk than can fit in one we can send two! We don’t only haul furniture away from homes, if your business has a large amount of furniture that you need to get rid of we will get it out of the way quickly! Just book an appointment online.

    Do you donate any of the furniture you remove?

    Yes, if the furniture is in good shape we do everything we can to donate it. We donate to a large number of charities, including the Salvation Army and Habitat For Humanity. We donate gently used fabric furniture such as couches, sofas, chairs, etc. to the salvation army and donate wooden and leather furniture to Habitat For Humanity. We believe in reducing the environmental impact of junk removal while also lending a helping hand to the community, so we are committed to donating and recycling as much as possible. For more information check out our What We Donate page.

    What do you do to prevent damage to my property while you remove my furniture?

    When we remove furniture from your business or home, we are always very careful to not damage anything. Our crews have a ton of experience moving all sorts of items out of homes, and know how to properly assess how to safely remove junk out of your home without causing damage. In the extremely unlikely event of an accident, our teams are fully insured.

      Please Enter Your Postal Code To Check Availability In Your Area

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