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Junk Ninja De-Branding and Textile Recycling in Ottawa

Junk Ninja De-Branding

Junk Ninja offers a de-branding service for residential and commercial customers across the province! 

Now more than ever, it is important that everyone has their identity properly protected and secured, and that’s our goal. By choosing Junk Ninjas’s proven secure methods to dispose of your goods, you limit your risk of compromising your identity and know that you chose a responsible disposal alternative.

We ensure that all goods are managed securely and align with current best practices.

So, join Junk Ninjas de-branding services to ensure security with your goods and lower the odds of your materials being put in the wrong hands.

With Junk Ninja, you will never feel your business or organization is at risk.

We constantly offer:

Clothing recycling Ottawa

Clothing Debranding and Clothing Recycling

Prototype destruction Ottawa

Prototype Destruction

Recall management Ottawa

Recall Management

textile recycling Ottawa

Uniform and Textile Recycling

quality control mishaps

Overstock and Quality Control Mishaps

Insurance claims Icon

Insurance Claims

We can tailor any of our recycling initiatives to match your needs.

At Junk Ninja, we will always make certain that we’ll work with our every client to guarantee products and materials are collected and handled on-time. Whether you are a retailer or a service provider, Junk Ninja will.

For over many years, we have been able to consistently serve our clients with personally catered de-branding and textile recycling services across our province. We provide a wide variety of services, from de-branding to insurance claims for our customers. We are continually growing our de-branding services and always surpassing exceptional customer service and unmatched brand security.

Some of our trusted clients include

Government of CANADA Logo
U Ottawa Logo
Ford Logo