Construction Debris Removal to Keep Your Projects Running Efficiently

Construction Debris Removal to Keep Your Projects Running Efficiently

by | May 11, 2021 | Best Junk Removal In Ottawa, Blog, Junk Removal, Ottawa

Every construction project, no matter how big or small, generates significant amounts of debris and waste.

It can be a gargantuan task having to deal with cleaning and removing piles of drywall, wood, concrete, steel, and demolition debris. That’s where Junk Ninja comes in.

Outsourcing to a professional hauling firm to remove all the debris is a preferable alternate to dealing with the clean-up yourself.  Contrary to the belief that outsourcing is not cost-efficient, outsourcing can actually improve productivity for your construction or renovation contractor team. On top of this, hiring junk removal pros for construction waste removal helps give you peace of mind.

Continue reading to learn how you can be smart with your construction debris removal in Ottawa and nearby areas.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Construction Waste Disposal

Any type of construction, whether it’s demolition or remodelling, creates piles of debris that are difficult to dispose of.

construction waste piled upHaving your crew dispose of all that concrete, steel, wood and demolition debris is very time-consuming. Each hour your crew spends on cleaning the site and getting rid of materials is an hour taken away from generating revenue from your project.  The bigger the project, the more debris, the more non-production costs add up.

In addition to that, there are materials that need specific training and expertise to be disposed of properly, something that your construction or renovation crew may not have.

Discarding debris at the local landfill or dump is not always the most cost-effective and green option for disposal. Recycling and reusing materials are the responsible choice for a business.

Additionally, there are sites where some materials cannot be disposed of legally.

A professional hauling company will know where you can legally dispose of your debris and bring you peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about anything concerning debris removal.

Choosing the Right Hauling Firm for Construction Waste Removal

construction waste removal binBefore deciding on which firm to hire for your debris removal, there are a handful of factors to take into consideration.

There are four main questions that should be asked when considering which construction waste disposal company to hire.

The first question to ask is if their firm offers free, on-site estimates. If a junk removal company gives you an estimate through the phone without assessing the construction site in person, immediately remove them from your list of potential contractors. Any reputable firm should come to the site and gauge firsthand the amount of potential debris that will be produced. All estimates should include all stages of the removal process.

Something else to consider is how quickly can the junk removal team arrive onsite and how fast can they complete the job.  Many construction projects have limited time for completion, and wasting this time waiting for the construction waste removal crew to arrive and dispose of the debris would take away from the efficiency and productivity of your contractors.

Another thing you might want to ask is if they offer site cleaning in addition to debris removal. Make sure you know what you’re paying for. Many companies are not expected to clean up and vacuum the site after they remove all the debris. If this is something you expect, then get clarification on the exact service(s) offered with construction waste removal in Ottawa.

construction waste removal binFinally, ask if they provide a one-time removal service or recurring debris removal. Depending on the size of the construction project, one or more removals and clean-ups are required. If the amount of debris cannot be left till the end of the project safely, then you’d need to schedule several pick-ups.

All these factors are important when deciding between hauling companies. Keep in mind the expectations you have for the removal service and choose a company that will meet these expectations.

What Kind of Debris Junk Ninja Handles

Virtually any debris is debris we will gladly take.

Outsourcing to a waste removal company ensures that all of your construction debris is disposed of properly and efficiently.

Hundreds of tonnes of waste are dumped into landfills, even though a large percentage of the waste can be recycled and reused. We aim to keep as much reusable material from landing in the dumps as possible. Repurposing items is a much more responsible approach for a business to take, and it keeps our environment green.

construction waste piled up dangerouslyJunk Ninja will take:

  • Drywall
  • Concrete
  • Windows, doors, walls, and flooring
  • Sheetrock
  • Shingles and corrugated iron
  • Bricks and tiles

As long as there is no hazardous waste with the construction debris, we’re all good to go!

Junk Ninja for Your Debris Removal

Dreading the cleanup and construction debris removal for your upcoming or current project?

With Junk Ninja, you don’t have to worry about disposing of construction waste once your project is complete!

Whether you require a one-time removal or several pick-ups, we’ve got you covered! Our professional junk removal crews do their best to ensure that all the debris is out of your way, so that you can work more efficiently doing what you do best.

Book an appointment with us today for your free, no-obligation estimate on construction debris removal in Ottawa and surrounding communities.


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