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Complete Guide to Junk Removal

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Junk Ninja’s Complete Guide to Junk Removal Services

Everything you need to know about junk removal services in one place!

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Thinking about Junk and Stuff

What We Take & What We Don't

The Wierdest Junk We've Taken

When to Call a Junk Removal Service

Junk Removal Services by Junk Ninja

Why Bin Rentals Make DIY Jobs Easier

5 Tips for Getting Ready for Junk Removal Services

What We Do With Junk After We Take It

Why Choosing Captial Junk Is The Right Decision

junk and stuff

When junk piles up at home, life can be difficult.

Thinking About Junk and Stuff

It’s no secret that people love stuff! With a near limitless number of personal needs, interests and passions, and an even greater number of available products to meet those needs and enjoy those interests and passions, there is no shortage of stuff for people to own.

Now here’s the thing about owning stuff. You need a place to put it. Your home, garage, backyard shed, or even a storage locker are all normal places to put all of your stuff.

You probably keep the things you use most often where you can easily get at them in your home or garage. You most likely store the things you don’t use as often for when you want or need them.

But then, you never end up needing some of that stuff, or you end up not being interested in the stuff you bought anymore and have new interests and stuff to buy for that. So, you let it sit in your home, or in storage, sometimes for years without touching it. It doesn’t get used and is not serving a purpose. It’s just taking up space. It’s junk.

You wind up in a cycle of buying stuff, using it for a short while, then forgetting about it. The list of stuff you own keeps getting longer and longer and you find yourself with less and less space to put it.

Maybe you have large items in your home that get used all the time, but they have become old and worn out. You want to replace them, but don’t know how you should get rid of the old items to make space for the new ones.

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, then that is where junk removal services, like the ones we at Junk Ninja provide, come in handy!

Junk Removal Services to the Rescue!

Junk removal services take all of the hard work out of cleaning and organizing your home! They send a team with a truck to clear out any and all unwanted junk! All you need to do is tell them what to leave and what to take and they will take care of the rest.

Junk removal services can handle any sort of junk removal including:

  • Everyday Household Items
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Messes From Renovation Projects
  • So Much More!

Cleaning and organizing your home doesn’t need to be a complex and stressful project, and with the support of Junk Ninja, it won’t be!

old couch removal in ottawa

You may love this old couch, but it's time for it to go.

junk removal service

Clearing junk before a move makes your life easier.

When to Call a Junk Removal Service

There are a few situations where calling a junk removal service is the best choice you can make. These situations include:

Vacating a Home

You’re moving to a new home and you realize as you are packing everything up that you own so much stuff that you haven’t even seen or used in years. Rather than taking it with you to your new home so you can forget about it again and let it take up space there, call a junk removal company to come and take it.

Maybe you’re downsizing and moving to a smaller home with less space to store your things. There is no way that you’re going to be able to move everything in there. You could rent a storage locker to put all of that stuff in, but then you’re paying for storage space for things that you probably won’t get much use out of in your smaller home anyways. A junk removal service is perfect for avoiding putting too much in a smaller home space or paying for extra storage.

Emptying the home of a dearly departed loved one is an extremely hard and emotional experience. Estate cleaning services will take care of the physical work, allowing you to focus on the emotional healing needed to move past a tough time in your life.

No matter what the reason for needing to clear out a home is, junk removal services help to make the process easier for you.

Getting Rid of Things That Can't Go On the Curb

Not everything can simply be thrown out on the curb to be picked up by a garbage collector. For instance, the City of Ottawa doesn’t pick up appliances that are left on the curb. There are many other types of items that simply can’t be picked up by garbage collectors, or have to meet specific conditions before they can.

Knowing how to properly dispose of every little thing you throw away and constantly having to prepare these things for collection is a lot of hard work and a pretty big hassle. A good junk removal service will know how to dispose of these items, and can take care of the preparations and heavy lifting for you, making the whole process painless for you.

You Want to Save Time

You live a busy life, and that home decluttering project you have been planning to tackle keeps getting put off because there is something more important you need to do. Save yourself the time it would take to stress about it, and complete the project by calling a junk removal service to handle it for you so you can focus on more pressing matters in your life.

garbage bin rental ottawa

Don't let appliances sit on your curb. Let us take it off your hands!

junk removal services

Sorting your stuff is the easiest way to prepare for junk removal.

5 Tips for Getting Ready for Junk Removal Services

So you’re hiring a junk removal service to come and take things that you don’t want or need anymore. That’s a great first step! Now comes the fun part!

Getting ready for a junk removal service to come and take your junk can seem like a daunting task. You might not even know everything you want to get rid of. You may not even know you have things that you want to get rid of.

With these helpful tips, you can be prepared for when the junk removers show up at your place so they can get straight to work and make the whole process go smoothly.

Make a List of Everything You Want to Get Rid Of

Knowing what you want to get rid of will save you tons of time looking at things and deciding whether you want to keep it or not while the junk removers work. They’ll appreciate not being held up by these decisions either. So do them and yourself a favour and take the time beforehand to take inventory of what you own and what you want to get rid of. This will also help you find things you completely forgot you owned!

Separate Your Stuff

Sort your stuff into three separate piles. One pile for the things you want to keep. One pile for the things you want to throw away, and one pile for things you would like to donate. Be smart about it. Don’t put things that are super worn out or broken in the donation pile since they should probably be tossed away soon anyways.

Think About Selling Things You Don't Want

If you have things you don’t want to keep that are in good condition and could be valuable, consider putting them up for sale on eBay or Kijiji. That way, they don’t end up getting thrown in a landfill when somebody else could be using them. If you’re unsure of their value, you can get the items appraised so then you can get top dollar for those items. You may even find that by selling items you don’t want, you make enough money to cover the costs to remove the junk that you can’t sell!

Clean Out Your Closets and Storage Spaces

Go through all of your things that are stuffed away in closets and storage spaces. Go through your clothes. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. If you find household items that you haven’t used in over a year, get rid of that too. You’ll be surprised at how much space can be made when you do this.

Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Sorting through your stuff to get rid of junk can be a stressful, emotional and nostalgic experience. The emotions you feel when going through your things can cloud your judgement when deciding whether to get rid of something or keep it. Give yourself time to plan, then slow down and take your time. Think about every item objectively and make your decisions accordingly.

And with that, you know how to plan for a junk removal project! Following these steps will make clearing junk from your space a breeze!

removal services in ottawa

Take a breath and relax! Junk removal doesn't need to be stressful.

Why Choose Junk Ninja

On-Time  Icon

On-Time Performance

No need to stay home all day, we provide 2 Hour arrival windows and will give you a call 15 Minutes before we arrive.

Truck Icon

We Do All the Work

Leave all your unwanted material right where it is. Our truck team will take it away from where ever your items are located.

Recycling Icon

Recycling & Donations

Not all Junk is garbage, we strive to donate, recycle and repurpose as much of the material we collect as possible.

Insured Icon

Licensed & Insured

We are fully Insured and our uniformed teams can handle just about and challange you can give them.

What We Take & What We Don't

There are tons of things that we haul away for customers. Here are some examples of the kinds of things that we take. Don’t see something here and you want to know if we can handle it? Contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you!

  • Couches and Sofas
  • Beds
  • Dressers and Armoires
  • Tables and Desks
  • Chairs and Stools
  • China Cabinets
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Lamps
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Mini Bar Fridges
  • Washing Machines and Dryers
  • Convection Ovens
  • “Deep” Freezers
  • Monitors
  • Computer Towers
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Fax Machines
  • Televisions
  • IT Equipment
  • Scanners
  • Cell Phones
  • Stereos
  • Device Accessories
  • Cables and Wires
Other Items
  • Renovation Waste
  • Light Bulbs
  • Hot Tubs
  • Yard Waste
  • Decks
furniture dump near me

We handle many different types of junk.

hazardous meterial junk removal

Hazardous materials are a no-go for junk removal.

What We Don't Remove and How to Dispose of It

We do not remove any kind of junk that would be considered a hazardous material. Examples of hazardous materials include:

  • Aerosol Cans
  • Poisounous, Toxic or Corrosive Liquid Containers That Are Not Empty
  • Gun Ammunition
  • Items With Flammable Materials Like Lighters and Gas Canisters
  • Medical Supplies Like Syringes and Disinfectants
  • Explosives

There are many more types of hazardous materials that we won’t take. Many of these items can be taken to your nearest hazardous waste depot, but they will need to be packaged properly to be accepted. For things like ammunition and explosives, contact your local police department to assist you with safely disposing of those items.

If you are unsure whether or not it can be thrown away with the garbage, taken by a junk removal service, or disposed of in some other way, take a look at our recycling guide, or check out the City of Ottawa’s Waste Explorer to get a better idea of how to dispose of something.

Junk Removal Services by Junk Ninja

So now you have a better idea about what junk removal services do, what they take, and how to get ready for them to come and take your junk. You’ve followed our tips and have everything ready to go.

You’re probably wondering how much it will cost to remove your junk. At Junk Ninja, our removal services are priced based on the size of the load we take. We always provide a no obligation estimate on-site before we begin working. To better prepare yourself with a general costs of our services, here are the approximate prices for our services which are based on how much space in our truck your junk takes.

  • Large Single Item: $98 + Tax
  • 1/6 of a Truck: $199 + Tax
  • 1/4 of a Truck: $298 + Tax
  • 1/2 of a Truck: $438 + Tax
  • 3/4 of a Truck: $528 + Tax
  • Full Truck: $565 + Tax

When our crew reaches your home to do the job, they will assess the work and provide you with a no-obligation quote with the official price of the service.

garbage bin rental

There are many different ways we can help you clean your place up!

renovation garbage disposal

Waste materials from renovations are no problem for us!

Things to Note About Our Services

If you are planning on having us remove your junk, there are a few things you should know to help make the job go smoothly.

Lightbulb Disposal

Most lightbulbs contain hazardous metals, like mercury. That is why they can’t be thrown out with your regular garbage. We can take your lightbulbs and dispose of them safely. We ask that you keep all of your lightbulbs together in a separate box to make this easier.

Renovation Cleanup

Home Owners: Discuss with your renovation contractor whether or not they will handle the clean-up when the job is done. If you’ve hired a contractor and know that you will be responsible for removing the old construction materials, discuss the project timeline with the contractor and book the cleanup service in advance. That way we can get to the site and remove the materials right as the project is completed. There won’t be any need to let the materials sit in your home or yard longer than they have to.

Contractors: If you have promised to handle the clean-up, but have a busy schedule that requires you to get to your next job right after completing your current one, plan ahead, book a truck for the completion date of the project and let us handle the clean up so you can move on to your next job.

Hot Tub Removal

We can remove hot tubs of any size and shape, regardless of whether they are above ground, in-ground, or built into a deck or patio. Due to the size of even a smaller hot tub, this service is booked and priced separately from the rest of our services. Here are the estimated prices for hot tub removal.

  • Small Hot Tub: $300 + Tax
  • Large Hot Tub: $565 + Tax

As is the case with the rest of our services, a full no-obligation quote will be provided to you when the crew shows up to do the job.

Deck Removal

If you are planning to remove a deck from your home, there are some considerations to make before booking the service.

Building Permits

Make sure you have a building permit. Demolishing an existing structure requires a permit to ensure compliance with applicable laws including:

Gas & Power Lines

If there are gas and power lines built into the deck, they need to be properly disconnected before we can tear the deck apart for removal. This is also a requirement that must be met to obtain a building permit for demolition. The application will require clearance authorization which confirms that the lines have been properly disconnected or capped.

Connected Exits

Make sure to check any exits to the home that were connected to the deck. Are they safe to use or do they present a fall hazard? If it isn’t safe to use the exit, make sure it is completely blocked off to prevent any avoidable accidents.

ottawa deck removal services

Hot tubs are fun to use but not so fun to remove.

Helping a hoarder is always a delicate situation.

garbage removal ottawa

How Our Services Help In Difficult Times

There are some situations when dealing with junk removal is an especially stressful and emotional experience. We offer services to take away the physical burden so our customers can focus their attention on dealing with the emotional aspect of the job.

Hoarding Cleanup

If you or a loved one is a hoarder, then there is often very limited living space in the home. The overwhelming collection of junk poses major safety issues in the home that need to be dealt with. Getting help for these types of cleanup jobs can also seem daunting. That is why we offer specialized hoarding cleanup services.

We always take extra care with these jobs because hoarding is a very sensitive subject. Not only do we remove junk to clear up space, but we also provide expert help and advice when sorting through belongings. We also help to pack up junk before putting it on the truck. By taking care of these tasks for the hoarder, we are able to help them keep focused on dealing with the emotional stress that can follow getting rid of belongings.

Estate Cleaning

If you have lost a loved one recently, you have our deepest condolences. It’s a difficult time for anyone to go through, which becomes more physically and emotionally difficult, yet also cathartic when going through their home to clean out their belongings.

We can help by taking care of the heavy lifting, leaving you to focus on the emotional healing process as you sort through your loved one’s belongings. We understand that there will be many items that have deep sentimental value, and we want to make sure that is preserved for you and others that have been left behind. That is why we always consult heavily with our customers to determine which items are to be kept, which items should be donated, and which items should be thrown away.

What We Do With Junk After We Take It

Environmentally Friendly Disposal

We at Junk Ninja believe that we all have a responsibility towards protecting the environment. Being a company that deals with the disposal of unwanted items, we are in a unique position to do more. We consider the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of every item that we take.

If an item is recyclable, then we take it to a recycling facility. If we are dealing with electronic waste, we take it an e-waste recycling facility where the junk can be broken down into its components and anything that is recyclable can be recycled. Wherever an item can go so that it won’t end up in a landfill, is where we will take it. That way, we don’t unnecessarily throw away any material that could otherwise be put to use.

environmentally friendly disposal services ottawa

We try to avoid this place as much as we can.

old appliance removal

Some of this stuff is still useful to somebody.

Donating Items

We are proud to work with local charities to donate any items we take that are in good condition and could help others. After all, there is no point in throwing away, or recycling something if it can still be of use to someone else.

We currently work with four local charities in Ottawa, and they are always in need of donated items.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a Christian organization that has been in Canada since 1882, just 15 years after Confederation formed our nation. Maybe you have seen their thrift stores spread around towns and cities you’ve visited across the nation. The Salvation Army is always looking for donations to sell in their thrift stores for discounted prices.

the salvation army

The Salvation Army needs your:

  • Pots and pans
  • Dishes and flatware
  • Cooking utensils (i.e. spatulas, potato mashers, peeler’s)
  • Lamps
  • Small appliances (i.e. coffee grinders, crock pots, toasters, microwaves)
  • Place mats
  • Serving platters and bowls
  • Glassware
  • Vases
  • Wash cloths and hand towels
  • Bath sheets
  • Shower curtains and liners
  • Linens, bedding
  • Blinds, curtains
  • Mirrors
  • Shoe racks and shelving
  • Gently used fabric furniture (couches, sofa chairs, etc.)
  • Dining table, chairs
  • Coffee and end tables
  • Dressers

The Ottawa Mission

The Ottawa Mission is one of the longest standing men’s homeless shelters in Ottawa. Founded in 1906 with a shelter on George Street, a group of Christian business leaders came together to provide support for men who were experiencing homelessness and needed help. In 1911, they moved to a residence on the corner of Waller and Daly, where the shelter can still be found to this day. We do our part to help homeless men in Ottawa by donating specific items that we take during our jobs.

ottawa mission

The Ottawa Mission needs your:

  • New or gently used bath towels
  • New or gently used men’s running shoes or work boots (sizes 8-13)
  • Men’s toiletries, such as antiperspirant, disposal razors and shaving cream
  • New or gently used men’s spring coats (sizes SM- XXL)
  • New men’s underwear (sizes SM- XXL)
  • New or gently used men’s jeans
junk removal ottawa mission

Your clothing donations could help a homeless man in need.

professional junk removal

Habitat for Humanity does great work and we're proud to support them!

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is well known for building affordable housing in countries all over the world. They have always, and continue to, accept monetary donations to help fund their projects. What you may not have known, is that they also accept donations of building materials, electronics and furniture for use in these projects to help make family transitions into these homes easier and more affordable.

habitat for humanity

Habitat for Humanity needs your:

  • Working light fixtures
  • Tubs in great shape
  • Dressers
  • Tables
  • Electronic Items
  • New building materials
  • Tools
  • Working, gently used appliances
  • Framed mirrors
  • Wooden and leather furniture only
  • Plumbing and electrical supplies
  • Interior and exterior doors
  • Thermal glass and newer windows
  • Kitchen fixtures and cabinets
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Trim
  • Shelving

The Ottawa Neighbourhood Services

The Ottawa Neighbourhood Services have been serving the Ottawa community since 1932. They run a local thrift store that caters to homeless and low-income families in the city.

neighbourhood services ottawa

The Ottawa Neighbourhood Services needs your:

  • Clothing
  • Children’s Toys
  • Linens
  • Housewares
  • Shoes
  • Pictures
  • Tools
junk ninja neighbourhood services ottawa

Ottawa Neighbourhood Services needs your old clothing and more.

ottawa garbage bin rental

With a truck this full, there has to be some wierd things in there.

Some of the Wierdest Junk We've Hauled Away

Dealing with junk every day, you can be sure that we've seen some interesting things that we've gotten rid of for our customers. Here are a few of the wierdest things that we've removed during a cleanup job.

  • A Truck Full of Pregnant Mannequins
  • 3 Full Truck Loads of Empty Coca Cola Bottles
  • A Houseboat
  • Exactly 1209 Lava Lamps

You may think you've got some wierd items sitting in your home, but to us, it's all the same. There's no need to be self-conscious about our crew seeing anything embarrassing in your home. We don't judge and always handle our cleanup jobs professionally.

Why Bin Rentals Make DIY Jobs Easier

If you have ever done a major cleanout of your home for spring cleaning, a big move, or for any other reason, then you probably know how much of a hassle it can be to remove and dispose of multiple large items. You may have put things out on the curb, only to have it left there by garbage collectors because it turned out to be something that they don’t take. You also may have had a bad experience taking items to their appropriate disposal facilities. Whatever troubles you have dealt with when decluttering your home, know that it doesn’t need to be so hard.

If you are an avid DIY person, and would rather take care of your junk removal project on your own, we can still provide support to make your project easier! We can deliver a 16 yard bin, which measures at 12’ x 8’ x 6’, anywhere within our service locations the same day the bin is ordered!

With one of our rental bins, you will have a massive space for you to put all of your unwanted junk. You will also have peace of mind knowing that when you’re done your cleanup project, someone will be there to take it all away and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. That way, you won’t have to worry about the aftermath of the cleanup, and can focus entirely on the hard part, the actual cleanup.

  Learn more with our blog We at Junk Ninja Can Be Your Spring Cleaning Team.

Rental bins are fantastic for any DIY project.

garbage bin rental
captial junk

Our crews are the best at what they do.

Why Choosing Captial Junk Is The Right Decision

We're Fully Licensed and Insured

Junk Ninja’s employees are fully licensed and insured to do the work that they do. They are fully trained and licensed to operate our trucks and other equipment. They have also been provided proper safety training reduce the likelihood of injury on the job. Should any unforeseen incident occur, such as one of our employees getting injured on the job at your home, or damage has been caused to your home due to the work being done, our insurance policy covers worker’s compensation and repair costs. That effectively takes any financial risk off of your shoulders so you can rest easy that even if an accident happens, you won’t be responsible for paying for it.

Be very careful when shopping around for a junk removal service. If a company is not licensed, they are not legally able to perform the work. If they do not have insurance coverage, than you could find yourself financially liable for any worker injuries if they choose to sue you, and could be financially responsible for any damage they cause in your home. If the company you are speaking with can’t provide proof of license and insurance, consider looking elsewhere for help for your junk removal project.

Our Quality of Service

Choosing Junk Ninja for your junk removal needs means you are choosing a company that prides itself on providing the highest quality service possible.

On-Time Performance

We understand that you have things to do with your day. You don’t have time to waste sitting around your home wondering when the crew is going to show up to your home. That is why we provide a two- hour window for the time we will arrive to start the job when you book your appointment. The crew always calls 15 minutes before showing up so you can be fully prepared for when they arrive. That way, they can get right to work, and the job can get done quicker.

Recycling and Donations

There are two things we value just as much as helping our customers get rid of their junk. Those two things are being environmentally friendly and supporting our community! You’ve read all about how we recycle and donate whatever junk we take, and that is something we will continue to do for as long as there is junk that can be recycled and people who can make use of the things you no longer want to keep. For the record, there will always be junk that can be recycled and charities in need of donations so we will always do this!

We Give Back to The Community

Junk donations aren't the only way that we support our community. Over the years, we've held free e-waste days, Earth Day events, and supported The Ottawa Food Bank.

This was such a fun challenge.

junk removal service

We've satisfied many customers just like this one.

Our Customers Love Us, And So Will You!

We let our work speak for itself, and we let our customers speak for it too! We love making our customers happy, and our services have been doing so for years! Watch the video on the left to see how one of our customers reacted when we cleared out his junk!

Still not convinced? You can find the rest of our reviews down below.

Contact Junk Ninja Today!

There you have it! Hopefully our complete guide to junk removal services has helped you gain a better understanding of what we do, why we do it, why we are the best choice, and how you can get the most out of our services! If there is anything you are still unsure of, or you know that we are your best choice for junk removal services in Ottawa, Kingston, Georgetown, and then contact us today! We would be more than happy to take all of that junk you don’t want anymore and help you free up space in your home or office!

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Ottawa Junk Removal Service logo

stars icon

I have used Junk Ninja twice in the last year and a half. Both times they were on time, professional and easy to work with. I called them Saturday in hopes for a Monday (Labor Day) pick up and was completely surprised they could do it!! I highly recommend their service and will definitely use them again in the future!

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I have used Junk Ninja twice in the last year and a half. Both times they were on time, professional and easy to work with. I called them Saturday in hopes for a Monday (Labor Day) pick up and was completely surprised they could do it!! I highly recommend their service and will definitely use them again in the future!

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Fantastic Service . Guys showed up and did amazing job! . They were polite and professional. I would recommend to my friends in a heart beat. I shopped around for a while and overall they have the best prices per volume. Great company. They were really fast as well.

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They professionally and efficiently got rid of an old deep freezer in our basement. The guys were very courteous and the price was reasonable. Overall had a great experience and will use them again in the future I’m sure.

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stars icon

I've been looking for someone to remove two old couches for so long, but honestly other company's wanted to charge almost $300. Sam responded extremely quick and gave a reasonable price (less than half the amount the others wanted to charge). They are very flexible with timing. Will be having them come back....

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Capital made it super easy to get rid of some over-sized items that were cluttering up our yard. They worked quickly, clean and accurate. The price was agreeable and I would not hesitate to recommend and use them in future.

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These guys are great! The owner Sam was quick with responding to my questions. They were available the day I needed them. They moved the heaviest pieces of furniture you can think of - a whole truck load. Sam's Staff were very nice gentleman as well.

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Made a call to Sam and he arrived on short notice and completed the job professionally and promptly for a reasonable price. I really appreciate a company that arrives on time and does the job and Jon and his crew did just that. If you need a professional crew to move your junk don't hesitate to give them a call.

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Excellent experience. I will absolutely use them again. They were professional, prompt and mindful of the physical distancing requirements currently in place. They were also very responsive and respectful. Got junk to get rid of? Make it easy on yourself and call Junk Ninja.

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Junk Ninja provided excellent service throughout the process of removing our large china cabinet. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone was very friendly and efficient in providing a quote and making a reservation for the next day. The moving crew arrived right on time and very carefully and quickly moved out our china cabinet. To top it off, the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend them.

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Most rewarding experience! They showed up less than 24 hours after I booked with them and they called 20 minutes before arriving. Cameron and Matthew were the most pleasant, and efficient young men. They were able to take everything I wanted gone and more. They even cleaned up a room after removing the debris. I will forever use this company for junk removal and recommend them highly. Thank you so very much!

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How did I not know about this company ???? Amazing hard workers and great customer service, - Just used theses guys a second time at my mothers house for an huge clean up once again they did a super fantastic job and exceeded my expectations

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I had some junk, so I contacted Capital on HomeStars. We setup a time, they arrived when they said they would and have an estimate. I thought it was reasonable so they took it all away. easy peasy.

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Homestars icon


My case was a basement purge of 15 years of storage and neglect. This was a huge issue for me to the point I just could not deal with it so it kept accumulating. Finally decided it was time and cal and I was very glad I did .Amazing Companyu

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Home Stars icon


I have used them in the past and they are magnificent. I just recommended them to friend that needed their help and they did a wonderful job. They are the best out there and I can't recommend them enough. They are professional, well organized and brilliant at their jobs.

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Home Stars icon


Your gentlemen cleared out 53 years and 4 truckloads of “this is perfectly good and might come in handy sometime” with good humour, care, and attention to detail. We were grateful for their assistance. It was worth every penny.

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Home Stars icon


Thanks for the timely and efficient turnaround. I called the office and the team picked up the mess the next day. I was given an estimate, photos of before and after and found everyone particularly easy to deal with. I’ll be calling again as we engage in upcoming renovations etc..

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Home Stars icon

Junk Ninja came to our house to remove materials (carpeting, blinds, etc) from basement renovation. They were on time, extremely efficient and very professional! I would highly recommend this company.

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I had to move my dad into a nursing home and there was a lot left behind that I couldn't manage on my own. The guys came in and filled a whole truck, they were friendly, polite and put me at ease.

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Very efficient. Good communication with office staff setting up appointment. The removers arrived within the time window stated, were friendly and quick

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Office Clean-Up. Removal of old monitors, office chairs and other items from a 4th floor office. The workers were efficient, professional and pleasant.

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Removal Of Construction Materials And Several Outdoor Items. Excellent service. Jordan and Nick were punctual, polite, industrious, and thorough. Overall it was well worth the price.

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The employees have a very professional attitude and were well prepared. I honestly could not have asked for a better experience removing my rubbish. Thank you lads! Stay safe! cheers!

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Excellent service. I called Sam and texted him what I had that needed to be removed. Sam gave me a quote and that same day a pick up was scheduled. The two gentlemen that came were super nice and professional even swept up the area where they removed some junk. I would definitely use this company again!

Read all (80) reviews on HomeStars
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