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Buying a New BBQ For Summer? Have us Dispose of Your Old One!

Buying a New BBQ For Summer? Have us Dispose of Your Old One!

by | May 18, 2018 | Blog, Decluttering, Junk Removal, Seasonal

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.Summertime means barbeque time! But if yours was left out during the winter, chances are it’s looking a little (or very) rusty and ruined. Luckily for you, during this beautiful time of year, it’s easy to get excited about finally splurging on a new grill. So if you have plans to purchase a new barbeque for summer, have us dispose of your old one (along with any other bulky items that are cluttering up your property).

Your Rusted Barbeque

Since most barbeques are made of aluminum or stainless steel, they should be disposed of and recycled properly. But who has the time to research how or where to drop it off? We do! At Junk Ninja, we can haul away your old barbeque without any hassle. So you can finally make room for your new, shiny grill and show off to your family and friends.

And, while we’re at it, here are a few other examples of items around the yard that we can take while we’re there:

Your Busted Lawn Mower

If you’ve been struggling with a half-busted lawn mower, allow us to take it off your hands too. All you need to do is ensure that the engine is empty (without any fuel in it) so we can transport and dispose of it safely.

Your Old Patio Furniture

After years of exposure to the weather, your patio furniture can start to look drab and uninviting. So when it’s time to get rid of those old deck chairs, let us know, and we can clear them away so you can add new pieces to help liven up your patio.

Your Lawn Clippings and Garden Waste

If you’ve just completed your front and backyard spring cleaning, we can pick up those lawn clippings, branches, old fire logs, sod, leaves and more also when we arrive to dispose of your old barbeque. You can kill two birds with one stone and get your exterior looking sharp, just in time for the warmer weather.

Barbeque season is almost upon us! And, as Canadians, nothing excites us more than being able to fire up the grill with family and friends. So when you’re ready to dispose of that old one (and your other outdated items) contact us at Junk Ninja and our team will be glad to handle the job. Check out our website for more about our services and pricing.

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