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    TV Removal In Ottawa

    As a full service junk removal company we get calls several times a day for us to come remove a customer’s very large and very heavy TV out of their basement, we never in a million years thought that anyone would dump their TV out of their vehicle and take off. ...

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    Goodnight Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

    Don't let the bed bugs bite is something that people have been saying for decades, but did you know that the story is true. Bed bugs do exist, and they can be a disaster. They are flat reddish brown parasites that feed on human blood; they are referred to bed bugs...

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    Removing A Waste Management Bagster®

    With the summer soon upon us, our full service junk removal is in full swing!  The most common pickup we do in the spring is the garden waste removals and the DIY’s home renovations.  Everything from sod to cedar hedges to drywall and lumber.  Last year around this...

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    Junk We’ve Found!

    One of the best parts of working for a full service junk removal company is all the fun stuff we get to see come through the office.  It’s been awhile since we have done this and the items are collecting around the office so I thought I would let everyone in on a few...

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    Wheels of Change Spins into a better life

    Its stories and projects like this that inspires us to be better people and as junk removers a better way to get rid of junk! As the story goes, everyone has junk, some people have more than others...but “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.   Dan Austin a...

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    Junk Ninja…Best Among The Rest

    Many people across Ottawa need junk removal help each year. Whether it’s a result of doing a basement clean-out, replacing old appliances, or even from a commercial clean-up, there are so many ways that a junk removal company can be of service.  Comparing the products...

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