Basement Storage Ideas To Make the Most of Your Space

Basement Storage Ideas To Make the Most of Your Space

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Blog, Decluttering, Junk Removal, Ottawa

You’ve dedicated yourself to finally going down to your basement and making use of all that space.

Be wary though, clearing out space in the basement often results in a lot of trash. While junk removal in Ottawa or Kingston is a start, you’ll want to get organized in the most effective ways possible.

Here are some basement storage ideas to help you make the most of your basement space.

Declutter Your Basement

You need space to make space, so you’ll need to declutter your basement first.

cluttered basement needs junk removal

Get down there and take out all the things that you thought you’d use one day and ended up never using at all. You might want to have a yard sale or garage sale for the items that someone can still use, or maybe put some of the more valuable things on a site like Kijiji.

Other items are just trash you’ll need to get rid of. At this point you’d do well to consider using junk removal services, letting someone else do all the heavy lifting to get that stuff not only out of the basement but out of your life for good!

Get Your Basement Ready

Before you start storing items in your basement in an organized fashion, it needs some love.

Start with floor and wall scrubbing. A simple water/detergent solution will suffice. You can rinse them with a diluted household bleach solution afterwards to get rid of the dirtiness.

Leave your basement to dry. Once it’s dry, use waterproofing and mould-retardant primer to paint the walls and floor.

Plan Your Basement Storage Area

nice basement after junk removalYou can prevent cluttering your basement again if you embrace the mindset of savvy warehouse inventory management.

Your basement is no longer “just a basement.” It’s now your own storage unit.

Plan the basement layout with items you’ll store in mind.

Planning is the most efficient way to make the most of your space. Decide which items will go where. Make a floor plan and wall layout. It will make the following steps easier.

Organize with Plastic Bins, Shelves & Bags

With the wall and floor layout, you will be able to make smart choices regarding shelf installation and the use of plastic bins and bags.

very well organized basementTake measurements to make sure how much space you have available.

In some cases, you might need custom shelves. In either case, installing open shelves will help you store and take out items with ease.

If you plan on storing items that could risk being damaged by mould and moisture, consider investing in plastic bags and airtight sealed boxes. Don’t forget to label them to know what’s inside.

If there are unused sections of the walls, you can use them for tool storage. A DIY system for hanging your tools is a lifesaver if you use your tools regularly.

Basement Solutions and Junk Removal in Ottawa & Kingston

You can turn your basement into a solid storage unit if you put your mind to it.

These are just some ideas to get you started. You can continue your search online for more inspiration if you feel like it.

If you live in Ottawa or Kingston. Contact Junk Ninja today, and we’ll haul your basement junk away.


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