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5 Reasons to Recycle Your Refrigerator with an Appliance Removal Service

5 Reasons to Recycle Your Refrigerator with an Appliance Removal Service

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Blog

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How many times have we heard about climate change and the importance of battling global warming? It’s evident that as a society we’re moving towards more sustainable environmental practices, and we are all more conscious of our individual impact on the world around us. As a way to help ease into the movement, programs like appliance removal service have been developed to encourage easy participation.

Recycling your refrigerator brings many benefits that are more than just environmental. Outlined below are five reasons to recycle your refrigerator with junk removal in Ottawa.

Save Energy

By recycling your old refrigerator with junk removal in Ottawa, you’ll save a large amount of energy. Recycling prevents the usage of energy that would’ve been needed to acquire raw materials and to manufacture another refrigerator. Furthermore, your new refrigerator will save more energy than your previous one.

Save Money

Environmentalists fight for energy efficiency to protect the climate, while you might do it to save money. After removing and have purchasing a better refrigerator, it’s not uncommon to save up to two hundred dollars on your electric bill per year. In the long run, the money you save will be enough to buy your refrigerator several times over!


Appliance removal service is literally one of the most hassle-free services you’ll experience. You don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to junk removal. From lifting heavy items to providing a vehicle, it will all be taken care of. All you have to do is arrange a meeting and your appliance removal service will do the rest for you. It definitely beats the other option of personally delivering your refrigerator to a landfill, since large appliances aren’t accepted at the curbside anymore.

Protect the Environment

With junk removal in Ottawa, it’s easy to become a steward for the environment. When refrigerators are properly disposed of, over 90% of its parts are recycled. Seriously, take a minute to think about that. That’s around the weight equivalent to a potato sack when compared to the original refrigerator. By recycling, you’re protecting the environment by saving energy, minimizing waste, and reducing carbon dioxide production.

Safely Dispose of Harmful Chemicals

There are chemicals in refrigerators that are toxic to the environment, particularly to the ozone layer. With older refrigerators, it’s not uncommon to find chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons—both excellent refrigerants but ozone depleting chemicals. It’s safe to say that these chemicals need to be safely removed from a refrigerator.

An appliance removal service properly allocates these refrigerants so that they’ll be properly managed, meaning they’ll be reclaimed, destroyed at a facility, or safely stored. As far as battling climate change is concerned, protecting the ozone is one good way to prevent global warming.

The next time you need to dispose of your refrigerator, consider contacting services for junk removal in Ottawa. By helping the environment and engaging in sustainable practices, you’ll be reaping the benefits too!

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Would you like to know more about the Ottawa Recycling, Removal, and Disposal Guide and also want to contribute to the fight against climate change? Find out what can be recycled in Ottawa, where to find recycling depots, and how to reduce your waste in this helpful guide.You can also check our Complete Guide to Junk Removal In Ottawa.


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