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Start the Year Right – 4 Easy Tips to Effectively Declutter Your Space

Start the Year Right – 4 Easy Tips to Effectively Declutter Your Space

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Blog, Decluttering, Junk Removal

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While some people might have resolutions to lose weight and earn more, others have New Year’s resolutions focused on decluttering their space. You probably accumulated some documents, old clothes, and even useless junk in the past year. Be honest – bet you have a broken refrigerator just hogging space in the garage, or at least an old flip phone in your desk drawer.
This coming New Year, it’s about time you cleared out the clutter and started on a clean slate. It can be hard to start the decluttering process but with these four easy tips from Junk Ninja, you’ll be able to clear your space just in time for the New Year.

Start Small

When you look at a cluttered space in its entirety, it can be a pretty daunting sight. Some people might even give up on the task before it even starts just because of how tedious it can all look. But clearing out small spaces like desks, shelves, night-stands, and other specific areas can help you divide the task and even make you see results sooner. In doing this, you can clear away any fear that the task is too big for your abilities and will get the job done sooner. You’d be amazed at how much cleaning you can get done in the intermission of a Sens game!

Set Short-Term Goals

It can be tough to finish an entire space all in one day – unless you’ve got the entire household backing you up, which can be unlikely. Try dividing your decluttering into short-term goals. For example, you can focus on finishing on area today and then start the next space tomorrow. This way, you can be sure that you’re always going to get something done. For extra motivation, reward yourself for a job well-done. For example, if you clear out your garage, treating yourself to a massage is a fitting finish to the day.

Use Coloured Bins and Boxes

When organizing and decluttering your space, you don’t want to accidentally throw out things that you still need, or keep things you don’t need at all. Using coloured bins, boxes, and trash bags can help ease the segregation process. Assign a color to things to donate, things to keep, and things to throw away so you won’t have to swim through seas of clutter just to find that treasured piece of paper or item of clothing you accidentally tossed away.

Don’t Hesitate to Throw Things Away

One of the reasons why clutter builds up is because we refuse to throw things away. You probably don’t need that ancient People magazine anymore, neither do you need that busted microwave from when you renovated the kitchen a decade ago. By throwing away the things that you don’t need, you can make room for more items and create a clearer place to move and live.

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