3 Tips for a Cleaner New Year

3 Tips for a Cleaner New Year

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Blog, Decluttering, Ottawa, Seasonal

If you are like many people around the nation, having a cleaner, more organized home is at the top of your New Year’s resolution list. It’s a great time of year to start working on new habits, or strengthening old ones that have gotten a bit lazy over the holidays.

But getting started with habit building is harder work than you might think, and if you’re trying to tackle everything at once – your home, your health, your finances, and more – it can be tough to do it all. Here are 3 small tips to use when you want to get your house in order for the new year.

1. Know Your Why
Any time you want to start something new, or improve on something, it’s a good idea to list off some of the benefits you expect to get from this new habit. Knowing why you want to build the habit keeps you motivated as you work. For example, having a cleaner house can help you feel better emotionally, think clearer, improve your health, connect with friends or family more often, and save you money. Write down all the reasons you want a cleaner, more organized home, and keep the list somewhere you can access it frequently.

2. Create an Easy Schedule
So much of housekeeping comes down to the little routines, like getting rid of junk mail before it can pile up. But in addition to creating schedules for the tasks you need to do to maintain your clean home, you could also create a schedule for getting to the state of cleanliness in the first place. For example, you may decide to tackle one room in your house every weekend for a month, or you may decide to go through all the paperwork in your filing cabinet before the end of January. Write down all the things you need to accomplish for your home to be clean, and then give yourself some reasonable deadlines for each thing.

3. Get the Big Stuff Out
Finally, one easy way to give yourself a boost right from the start is to get the big stuff, like old furnishings and appliances, out right at the start! You can hire a junk removal company like Junk Ninja to help you get rid of old carpeting, scrap metal, and much more. We even do hoarding clean up, so if your garage floor hasn’t been seen in a few years, we can help. This initial clean out can help you get a great head start on your New Year’s resolution to clean up.

Get Started Today

It may not be New Year’s when you are reading this article, but why wait? You can benefit from having a clean home any time of the year. Why not give yourself your own fresh start by giving these tips a try. You’ll feel better, and your home will be in better shape than it’s ever been in, when you take it slow and steady. Let the experts help: 613-825- 0707 or book online.


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