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10 Surprising Facts about Ottawa Junk Removal

10 Surprising Facts about Ottawa Junk Removal

by | May 8, 2015 | Blog, Junk Removal

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10 Surprising Facts about Ottawa Junk Removal

  1. Prices based on volume only. The pricing structure for Ottawa junk removal is based soley on the amount of space your items take up in the truck. This price includes the labour cost and disposal fees. You don’t pay anything extra.
  2. Up-front pricing upon arrival. You know what the work is going to cost before we begin. Our haulers are loading up their trucks 6 days a week with unwanted materials. They know by the size of your pile or by looking at the amount of items you have, how much space you’ll take up in our truck. Ottawa junk removal is the name of our game, trust us to provide you with a free estiamte upon arrival!
  3. We’ll pick up junk even if it’s scattered all over your estate. The benefit of using Ottawa junk removal is the decreased need for you to painstakingly haul all your stuff yourself to the garage or front lawn. That’s what we’re here for! You lead us on a tour of your home, point out all the things that need to go, we price it – you like it – we get started on picking it all up for you! Rates do not change if you have items in your shed, attic as well as your basement or upstairs bedrooms. All you are required to do is tell us what needs to go and we handle the rest! It’s what we were born to do.
  4. We donate or recycle everything we can. At Junk Ninja, we are dedicated to donating and recycling as much as humanly possible. It is our mission to divert from city landfills what would otherwise be donated to the less fortunate in our community by dropping off gently used furniture, kitchen supplies, appliances and recycling paper, metal, and any other recyclables we haul from local businesses or residential units.
  5. We’ll do nearly anything to remove that pesky item for you. Your Ottawa junk removal problem becomes our problem when you pick up the phone or schedule your pick-up online. If you built your basement around your circa-1950 chest freezer and cannot get it out without taking down some walls, we can work our magic to get it out for you! We call in a Freon removal technician to safely remove the coolant inside the appliance. Depending on the size of the freezer and the amount of coolant inside, this can cost around $100 – $130. Once that is complete, we get out our special saws and cut your freezer into as many pieces as required to haul it out. Talk about ingenuity!
  6. We don’t charge you for the weight of your junk. All of our operating costs are covered in our pro-rated, volume based pricing structure. The other pricing structure we have in place is our Heavy and Dense pricing. Items that are heavy and dense are books and boxes of papers, wet drywall, concrete, bricks, patio stones, shingles and dirt. These items cost a lot to dispose of and we must charge accordingly. However, you’ll always know what the cost is before we load the truck.
  7. We will stick it out to the end. Ottawa junk removal is a service that helps people feel confident in their homes appearance. We want to provide our customers with the best service possible, so if you have a lot of stuff that’s okay! We’ll develop the best plan of attack for you and your loved ones and we will haul only what you are comfortable with us hauling, for now. If it takes hours, days, weeks, we’ll be there when you need us: cleaning out your home of all that unwanted material. When it’s done, be prepared for the big reveal…!
  8. We are bondable, insured, uniformed and professional. In your quest to find the most affordable Ottawa junk removal service; don’t hire the cheapest guy with a truck you found on Kijiji. Chances are they do not practice proper disposal protocol and are not bondable or insured. If they bust a hole in your wall or scratch your wood floors, they won’t be held accountable. Or if they hurt themselves hauling your junk, you could end up paying for it. Our teams wear protective gloves and steel toe boots to protect themselves from any nails or splinters your waste may have protruding from it. If we hurt ourselves, that’s on us, not you.
  9. If we over-estimate your removal, we’ll let you know. It can be tricky at times to provide a 100% accurate price for your removal by eye-balling it. A pile in your garage can look like 2 full truck loads, but once we are half-way we can see that it’s less than we originally quoted. If your stuff is thrown all around your property it can also be hard to get an accurate quote for your Ottawa junk removal, so don’t be surprised if one of our guys say “Hey, turns out your load size was smaller than we expected!”. We’re very honest and want you to have the best experience!
  10. You don’t pay till you are completely satisfied with the removal. We quote up-front but we don’t hand you the bill till everything has been loaded up and any residual debris swept away. If everything is outside and you’ve got places to be, feel free to pay your bill while we work and we’ll take care of it all while you’re gone!

Well that just about covers it! Hope you enjoyed our 10 surprising facts about Ottawa junk removal. If you have any questions please call our friendly office staff at (613) 825-0707.


With our professional junk removal services, we are proud to serve the Ottawa area. Contact Junk Ninja for the following Junk Removal Services:- 


  Junk Removal                                             ➤ E-Waste Removal    

Appliance Removal                                    ➤ Hot Tube Removal

Furniture Removal                                     ➤ Yard Waste Removal

Renovation Cleanup                                  ➤ Deck Removal

Hoarding Cleanup                                      ➤ E-State Cleanup

Light Bulb Disposal                                    


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